The Quince

Tell me it isn’t so!!!!! I just bought one from the store, which is very rare for me. I generally try my hardest to buy pretty local with the exception of a few fruit.. and this time i splurged on a quinca and a gigantic asian pear. I just looked up the quince on the Cook’s Thesaurus website and it says it needs to be cooked before eating. Nooooooooooooooooo.. anyone?? I’m so disappointed! What the heck am i going to do with this mysterious fruit nowwwwW??


  • I think it can be eaten without cookng, its not poisinous. It just doesnt taste very well without it, very tart/bitter but maybe you can figure something out.

  • maybe deydrate to warm it up a little…

  • I think it is usually cooked up in jams and jellies. Considering it has a very tart flavour, my suggestion would be to use it like a pickle – either slice it thinly and eat on your burgers like a gherkin, or cube it and make some kind of chutney out of it with other ingredients.

  • awesome, alright. great ideas. thanks!!!!!!!

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