I began soaking raw almonds and raw cashews last week without water changes. Are they safe to eat?

Sorry to join this discussion so late, but am concerned about food safety because I read somewhere to use up fresh nut milks within two days. I began soaking a batch of raw almonds and raw cashews about a week ago and then had to go out of town.  Is it safe to proceed as normal and make almond milk and cashew cream, or do I need to start over?  They are in the same water they were in 7 days ago.  The water is cloudy.

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  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
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    I think they are fine as long as they still smell good. The nose test is key!



  • Hi and welcome! It's never too late to join the conversation. 

    Have you seen this thread? 


    We've had a few discussions about how long is too long. 

  • marcinmarcin Raw Newbie

    Hi, Tammi,


    I did read the thread before I posted. I decided to ask b/c everyone who lets their nuts soak as long as I did seems to change the water or is sprouting them.  However, I decided it was safe to go ahead and make them into nut milks, and everything seems fine.


    Thanks for getting back to me!



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master
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    I'm glad it worked out. Almonds and cashews are both pretty tough when it comes to what we can put them through with no ill effects. 

  • WheatgrassWheatgrass Raw Jr. Superstar

    I generally have sprouted almonds with 12 hour soak, then air with rinse within 24-36 hours.  Even Pastuerized organic Almonds from Costco sprout easily and consistantly...the parteurization is a “flash”, only affects the outer skin, not the seed.

    Sprouted peanut has a totally different and enjoyable taste on salad (I do not like fresh raw or roasted)

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