Water Fasting - Anyone done that before?

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I want to start water fasting. I wonder has anyone in this forum did that before.

And I would like to get advice and support.



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    There are loads of inspirational authors on the subject, but the best book is by Dr Joel Fuhrmann, who wrote the book after guiding over 10,000 patients to 60 days of water only fasting.  Even after 35 years of water only fasting, annually for last 16 years (22-41 days continuous) I refer to his reference book every fast...it is invaluable.

    16 years ago I did a 49 day water only, but my favorite is 25 days or less, I do not have the drop in metabolism that takes months to regain, and do not have the 10-14 days of agonizing, painful re-feeding, waking up the digestive and eliminative system.

    Unless you have 10 or more years of experience, I definitely recommend not exceeding 5-10 days to start, and do several before attempting 20 days unless professionally supervised.  

    Most important!!!  Do NOT ingest anything with flavor, including brushing with toothpaste, or you will convert the water fast to a “starvation diet”.  Everyone can benefit to 60 days of water only, but people start dying in 14-16 days of starvation diet.

    Dry fasting needs even more education, I have NOT attempted one.  16-24 hours is maximum recommended on that subject...which can be “hard” or “soft” depending if shower or bath is allowed.  Some religions do dry fasting, Mormons once a month (though most are unaware of this tenant of their religion) and Ramadam is a month of dry fasting during daylight hours...though health is severly compromised withnthe gluttonous over-feasting after dark and pre-dawn...


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    Ive done both dry fasting and water fasting. I love both but it can def amp up the detox symptoms and it's important to listen to your body. Especially with the dry fast. Longest dry fast I did was 72 hours. I had water fasted prior and I definately expelled some gnarly toxins on the day 3 of the dryfast. I think sulphur after reading it looked kinda like rust. Anyways I felt really good after the dryfast. I find it easier then water fasting actually but maybe cuz the length of time for a water fast. Much luck 

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