Mushrooms and rotten eggs burps

Sulphur burps and how to stop it 


  • emmab3757emmab3757 Raw Newbie

    How do I get rid of sulphur gas?

  • emmab3757emmab3757 Raw Newbie

    What can I take to stop sulphur burps?

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master


    You could try mixing the mushrooms with spinach and/or parsley, both contain chlorophyll which is a natural odor reducer. 

  • Angie2Angie2 Raw Jr. Leader

    Sulphur/egg burps are caused by certain pathogens in the digestive tract. Drinking lots of kombucha usually helps me get rid of it.

  • Energy HealerEnergy Healer Raw Jr. Leader

    Activated charcoal is also good.

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