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Long story short while in the Marine Corps I became addicted to pain pills and alcohol to an extreme most doctors dismiss as embellishment.  Why anyone would desire to embellish this I haven’t a clue.  Anyway 4 years ago I ditched the pills and Booz.  This was easy to walk from when compared to this lifestyle change.  I cut caffeine a year ago and sugar a month ago.  I am taking really good herbs and supplements, I coach a sport professionally and blessed with incredible medical insight at my disposal.  My acupuncturist and Chiropractor is the doc that is attending to this change. 


I did 3 days of only distilled water, followed by juicing.  Day 6 and I have rashes coming and going all over my body.  Some look like tiny little veins other like chicken pox.   I have done a series of enemas both water and coffee.   Suffices to say I have had some horrific bowl movements and some interesting this come out in my urine.  (Hope this isn’t too graphic, I need these questions answered)

I am juicing great veggies such as beets, kale, Swiss chard, spinach etc...  and fruits pomegranate, apple, lemon etc...  all the while still consuming distilled water.  

I look like death, I have every symptom of liver problems. Is that from the detox ??  Blood shot eyes, White tongue, rashes, strange issues from top to bottom..  Had blood work 6 months ago at yearly check up and everything was fine.  So is this normal or should I change anything I am doing?  Will this subside ?  Can you detox too fast?  I am all or nothing, still an addict in every way.  



Typed in hurry, please excuse grammatical errors.  Hoping someone has been where I am and can add some insight.  


Grateful for any info, 




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