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Long story short while in the Marine Corps I became addicted to pain pills and alcohol to an extreme most doctors dismiss as embellishment.  Why anyone would desire to embellish this I haven’t a clue.  Anyway 4 years ago I ditched the pills and Booz.  This was easy to walk from when compared to this lifestyle change.  I cut caffeine a year ago and sugar a month ago.  I am taking really good herbs and supplements, I coach a sport professionally and blessed with incredible medical insight at my disposal.  My acupuncturist and Chiropractor is the doc that is attending to this change. 


I did 3 days of only distilled water, followed by juicing.  Day 6 and I have rashes coming and going all over my body.  Some look like tiny little veins other like chicken pox.   I have done a series of enemas both water and coffee.   Suffices to say I have had some horrific bowl movements and some interesting this come out in my urine.  (Hope this isn’t too graphic, I need these questions answered)

I am juicing great veggies such as beets, kale, Swiss chard, spinach etc...  and fruits pomegranate, apple, lemon etc...  all the while still consuming distilled water.  

I look like death, I have every symptom of liver problems. Is that from the detox ??  Blood shot eyes, White tongue, rashes, strange issues from top to bottom..  Had blood work 6 months ago at yearly check up and everything was fine.  So is this normal or should I change anything I am doing?  Will this subside ?  Can you detox too fast?  I am all or nothing, still an addict in every way.  



Typed in hurry, please excuse grammatical errors.  Hoping someone has been where I am and can add some insight.  


Grateful for any info, 




  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I always recommend a slow transition to reduce detox. 

    Could you be allergic to anything you're eating? 

  • SassmuffSassmuff Raw Jr. Leader

    Well I am no doctor but I had the exact same type things happening from a distilled water fast. I went blind for a half day and that's when I stoped. I can see again and I'm healthy as ever. But there is no need to rush my love. If you are putting alkaline foods into your body aka raw fruits and veggies you are on the path to better health. Some veggies are harder to digest because of cellulose. So just slow it down. Ease into it. It's a marathon not a sprint. Hope things go well and you get to where u need to go. I also did drugs and abused my liver. So I think the symptoms are due to liver healing. Healing crisis are usually appearing in the wounded areas with rashes and mucus. 

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