Hey guys, been vegan for 6 months, pretty strict bar the odd occasion when I’ve been cornered in a restaurant etc.

pretty much eaten whatever all my life and am now looking to change and go raw. I eat probably 50/50 at the moment cooked vegan and raw. Just struggling at the moment to eat more raw , find myself eating the same things every day like salads etc. Probably eating too much fat , like 2 avocados, almonds, cashews , nut butter most days. I do eat greens but maybe not enough. I know we are all different but I don’t seem to be feeling great on a high fat diet at the moment. Where’s the best place to get started, resources books etc? I’ve lost a lot of weight and energy levels not great despite eating lots of fat. Would like to get to maybe at least 75% raw. Should I be eating more carbs from fruit etc . Not sure where to get started.

got a compromised digestive system too just too complicate things further. Thanks for any replies.

cheers James


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Welcome to the community!

    Have you had a chance to read this thread?

    It's a good start for info. 


  • brentvbrentv Raw Newbie

    Avocados are a good fat which you can eat everyday, just not too many... they are a good energy booster.

    Don't eat store bought nut butters, make your own from soaked nuts. Macadamias are the best nut fat to eat and you can eat them all day. Other nuts should eaten in moderation due to the saturated fats.

    Fats and carbs down combine well in one meal... 

    I don't know if anyone will give you dietary advice here, usually that requires a qualification...

    The key to eating well is understanding how your body utilises food when you give it food... this way you may be able to define what you need for your lifestyle. I found it very useful getting my dna tested and discovering my ancestral roots, this helps in your genetic predisposition toward certain foods.

    But check out. This info this guy talks about has been for a long time. Denmark did a long study on families and allergies, it was discovered that allergies came from GUT microbiome imbalance and it in fact was caused by the way they were brought up. 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I'm guilty of getting nut butters from stores, but I'm working on it. I'll attain perfection one of these days. smile

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