Medical Marijuana

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Using marijuana doesn't make you an addictive person, what Miss Universe Catriona Gray answered in her Q&A question “I'm for being used in medical use but not so for recreational use. Because I think if people were to argue, 'what about alcohol and cigarettes?' So everything is good but in moderation." Some people used marijuana for medical purposes,.


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    You should look into the 'entourage effect' and how this affects the usage of CBD and Medical Cannabis, it's quite an interesting read;

    It's worth noting that medical cannabis is not always required, especially with THC the ingredient which causes a 'high'. Other compounded ingredients can have a positive impact, but it's recommended to see further consultation with doctor before making your own mind!

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    Terryvn, thank you for your post, specifically referring to the entourage effect. I like to think of it this way- we know that when we eat our healthy foods whole, it is the best and most natural way to get the vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Eaten the way nature intended, we absorb all of the beneficial components. When scientists extract any single one of these beneficial components and then it becomes packaged and sold to the masses as the next "wonder" supplement, we all know how that pans out. It will never be as effective health-wise as when consumed whole along with it's counterparts, and indeed can be harmful. It's like this with cannabis. By extracting only the CBD or THC, it will never be as beneficial as when used whole, naturally. 

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