Bowel behavior while on a juice fast

Hi, my doc recommends me to go on a clear juice diet for a few days to help my digestive system.  I have not done one before and got a question -  For those who have gone on juice fasts, what is your bowel movements like during the fast?  Do you poop every day? Is the stool watery?  Thank you.  Any info is greatly appreciated.



  • brentvbrentv Raw Newbie

    If your doctor instructed you to do a 'clear juice diet' for a few days without any instructions. They are not a good doctor. 

    What is clear juice?

    Is 'few days' 3 days or more?


    Just to clarify something; fasting is fasting, which means no food at all... Drinking juices is a juice diet which can vary... Raw cold pressed juice is still food, lots of fibre and still many nutrients and some toxins. Fasting is the abstinence of nutrients and toxins, to drive the body into starvation, clarification mode and activate parts of the body that food often suppresses.

    Maybe you will poo runny, maybe you won't? No-one lives inside your bowels and no-one knows you, so how can they say how you will respond to a 3 day juice diet? If your doctor was any good, they might have been able to tell you what you could expect on the 3 day juice diet.


    Be careful not to overload on sucroses while you juice...

    Just do it and see what happens!

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