Marijuana- the other green

szussannaszussanna Raw Jr. Leader

I don't know how much of the raw community feels about marijuana, at least for medical use. Personally, I'd love to see the herb used widely for this. I have a seizure disorder, neurological problems, and chronic pain from third degree burns due to a car accident years ago. My doctors, believe it or not, are all pro-marijuana for many health issues. Here in Loisiana, even though it was legalized medically a while back, incompetent government is stalling on opening the dispensaries, therefore it's still unavailable to us. I realize that clean, raw eating goes a long way towards preventing and treating many medical problems, but there are some issues beyond the magic of raw foods. I have taken opioids (another stigma) for the chronic pain from my third degree burns for years and have always been responsible with them, but I'd much rather treat this issue with a plant. Raw living goes a long way for good health, but I'd love to see people more open to our green friend.

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