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Winter! Raw till four???? Advice!!! Weight gain?

alicamalicam Raw Jr. Superstar


Here is my day of eating. 

4 oranges (breakfast)

Black coffee (I used to smoke shitloads of crack so this is my final drug I can't depart from) judge me I love it.

2 oranges 1/2 pineapple lunch

Snack is 4 dates, a raw juice or a banana.

But it's winter and so cold and I cry inside to think I have to eat a salad for  been mdinner.I've been making pumpkin soup at night and LOVING it.

I just think it fills me up more, I could eat four bananas in home made ice cream for dinner just to be raw, but it's cold and for some reason bananas make me gain weight.

Its harder to tone up and stay slim on raw till four even though I don't eat like a freak amount. Am I doing something wrong? I don't like intense exercise. Five days a week I go to the gym, I just do pilates and weights and I walk a lot. But i noticed iv gained weight on my face and thighs, they r a bit chubby, when I first went raw it fell off. 

I'm confused as my daily calories around 1200-1600 and I'm pretty dilegent.

I have been sneaking in a black coffee each day and I drink herbal teas. Do I need to be raw all the day to see results? I'm in NZ and live near the ski fields . It's winter!



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    I wonder if you're experiencing inflammation from too much citrus. 

    Mix up the fruit types a bit more and see if it helps. 

  • alicamalicam Raw Jr. Superstar

    Really!!! Wow!!! What fruits don't have citrus??? Thankyou so much 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Peaches and mangoes are good :)

  • Hi! I Hope your day is going well! It is totally fine to warm yourself up with steamed veggies, warm soup, hot cacao, you name it! The reason why soup became popular is because in the winter time, people were getting cold like yourself and their own body temperature eventually could not keep up. Due to this, people became sick. In order to fight infection and illness, your body must be warm in order for immune cells to work at its peak(warmer temperatures boost the bodies antiviral response). Therefore I advise you to eat warmer food in the winter time and raw in the summer. This way in the summer you can get all the enzymes in the food you need. In the summer we usually don't get sick, so there is no need to break down food to make it easier for digestion(which allows your body to overcome illness by targeting only that illness instead of breaking down food) I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and I hope this helps!! 

  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    Good points!

    You can also warm foods up a bit in the dehydrator. It will get them warm to the touch without destroying any vital nutrients. 

  • Angie2Angie2 Raw Jr. Leader

    I get colder when I don't get enough calories, protein, etc. and my body goes into starvation mode on a low-calorie diet like that, so I actually gain weight eating the amount you mentioned, but I don't gain weight when I'm eating a lot more. How about adding some other things like buckwheat, avocados, almonds, etc. to give a better balance of nutrients, protein, and calories.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    How is the weight loss going? 

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