Tryin Again

deer4deer4 Raw Jr. Leader

So last week my digestive system just stopped. Sometimes I don't know if its my diet or what might possibly be MS. My lower abdomen was in pain. It felt like it was 10 times its normal size. Almost as if I had a huge bubble the size of a basketball in my belly. So I said enough and bought some fruit n veggies and nuts and I have been somewhat raw since yesterday. My stomach is much better! However, I have a question. Some things that bring me out of my rawness is eggs! Yup! And salty snacks. But I think I have figured the salty snack thing out. Anyways, I enjoy my potato n egg tacos and my 1 egg over medium and 1 piece of toast. Is this harmful while on a "raw" diet? I always hear about a "semi" raw or 75% raw diet. Has anyone had unusual effects from a semi-raw diet? I really ask this because I am also a type 2 diabetic. It's hereditary. I was told at 23 to watch what I eat because my blood sugar was high. I weighed 123 lbs at the time. Anyways, I'm curious as to whether the switch between raw and a minor amount of cooked food would make my blood sugar fluctuate wildly? One taco is my limit and the bread I eat is very low carb. Believe it or not, after finding out about my diabetes, my blood sugar is rarely above 180. I'm very picky about my blood sugar. I like my extremities. I would like to keep them. 


Also, I was thinking about trying out the raw onion bread recipe. What do you all think of it? I have tried other onion and zucchini bread and they were horrible!



  • I think going semi-raw is actually a really good way to start out. It's not a sudden change (well, not a complete one) so you get a lot of the positive effects without going through detox. 

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