Humidity affecting Raw Cakes

Hi everybody, many thanks for allowing me to join.

I have a problem when making Raw Cakes, I know its common for Raw Cakes to collapse when the temerature is too hot. I was convinced that I had beaten that problem when I recently switched to Cacao Butter as my stiffener. In the past I had tried everything including Coconut Oil, China Grass and Carrageen with unsatisfactory results.

After trying Cacao Butter my cheesecakes where perfect. I was happy, my family were happy. Not anymore! in the past month even with the temperatures only in the mid 20c my cakes collapse when taken out of the fridge.

The one thing I have noticed is that the Humidity is very high sitting at between 82 and 86 percent and I am convinced that is the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so how was the problem resolved. this

Many thanks



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