Sea moss?

How long can hydrated sea moss and the boiled water that eventually turns/turned into gel sit in room temperature? I left them both on my kitchen cabinet for approximately 13 hours? Should I discard?



  • GusonsGusons Raw Newbie

    If I my memory still serves then then hydrated sea moss can sit in room temperature for about 20 hours. You left them on your kitchen cabinet for only half a day, so I’m guessing that it’s no big deal. And no, unless the sea moss smells funny then I highly recommend NOT to discard it. Sea moss contains lots of minerals and vitamins. Not only do they help with digestion but also with your immune system. You are a girl so I’m guessing that you are into skincare too. Try to apply sea moss to your skin, it helps with rash and acnes. Although hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, it might slow down the aging process of our skin. Anyways, if you don’t believe me then you can always read for yourself

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