Is it good to eat only when hungry?

MyrtoMyrto Raw Newbie

Is it healthy to eat only when you are hungry even if that means once a day? 

PS: I use to do jogging for 3 hours every day


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  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
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    If you do it once in a while it is probably fine, but I've read that doing it too often can lead to health problems. 



  • katherinepkatherinep Raw Jr. Leader

    Eating only when hungry usually results in overeating. When our blood sugar drops fairly low, we tend to grab any and all food we can get our hands on. This is obviously less than ideal when you’re trying to lose weight and if you are suffering from blood sugar issues, such as diabetes, this extreme drop in blood sugar can be dangerous. So i would say it's better to eat on schedule instead of waiting to starve.

  • I eat when I'm hungry but that tends to be fairly regularly! If I skip a meal - usually by accident - boy, do I feel it! If, for some reason, I can't eat a regular meal, I'll grab some fruit or something easy to tide me over. I don't believe waiting till you're starving is ever a good idea. Katherinep is right about that!

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