Whats wrong with my body? lol

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I've been (cooked) vegan for years and i recently made the jump into a raw diet May 1st this year.  On June 7th and 8th, i kinda slipped up when i had someone visiting and thus ate a vegan protein bar (nocow) and an ungodly amount of 'From The Ground Up' butternut squash plant based pretzel sticks. Fast forward to the 9th and today (10th), i'm having issues i've never seen before. Excuse me it gets a bit TMI from here on out.

Whenever i go to pee my urine is a peach color and now unfortunately when i go to have a BM, there is a bright pink or a purplish pink color in the water afterwards. I'm probably going to embark on a juice feast/solid food vacation to try and fix this issue (along with a few other things i noticed happening) but i'm just curious if this is something i should pay a doctor to see? I dont believe in medicine to say the least, my states still in quarantine so i'm kinda curious if anyone on here (fingers crossed people still log in regularly) knows whats up and how effective juicing would be in this predicament. 

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    It can't hurt to have some tests run to find out if something is out of balance. 

    I've had asparagus do weird things to the color, but never pink. 


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