who likes meat

meat tastes good



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    You might not find very many who share your tastes around here wink

    Although, I do recall their being one person on here a long time ago who ate a raw diet...that was very very far from vegan. 

    I don't think we've heard from them in a while. 

  • but meat is very yummy

  • but the cow wanted to be eaten

  • katherinepkatherinep Raw Jr. Leader

    Sometimes i wish if we could somehow get meat some place other than the living beings. 

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Sometimes i wish if we could somehow get meat some place other than the living beings. 

     There's the lab-made meat that could potentially become popular at some point. But I think I'll stick with tempeh if I need something meat-like. 

  • marymcleanmarymclean Raw Newbie
    edited August 24

    I really love meat. If I don't eat it for at least a day, I feel a breakdown and physical discomfort all the next day. My father is a farmer, and he has been buying for many years Angus embryos for sale. He raises them and slaughters them for meat. Since childhood, I have been treating livestock as a source of protein and quality meat. I accept the position of people who feel sorry for animals and refuse to eat animal products. But God himself commanded us in the Bible that animals serve humans: a dog - for protection, livestock - with meat.

  • Nutriveggie101Nutriveggie101 Raw Jr. Superstar

    Beef is quite a poor protein source,we only absorbe 20% compared with fish 100%,it can take two weeks for the body to process, hence the colon cancer link and the antibiotics do pass through to us.

    But,grass fed beef verses corn fed beef,its almost like they are seperate species, grass fed organic beef has its benefits if that's your choice go for it. beef fat is an excellent fat source for keto and general health,supermarkets remove and do not promote fat.

    Regenerative agriculture has shown us that we can redesign how we grow cattle etc under this system beef cattle no long destroy the environment but actually inhance the land.

    For the record,I was a butchers son and consumed a tonne of meat as a kid, when I stopped I had a 6 week detox I'll leave the details to your imagination,this showed me how much we dont process beef very well.....at present I only eat two legged animals ,but i feel fish suits me best.

    Each to their own though

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