Best herbal hair color

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Henna, also called Mehandi, is a hair coloring natural compound that has been used by women and men for ages.Henna is the best chemical-free hair remedy that is used for coloring as well as maintaining the hair health.

Apart from Heena , this chemical free natural hair colour also includes amla-shikakai-bhringraj-brahmi , which nourishes the scalp and makes hair strong and shiny.These ingredients when combined together, makes hair silky soft and gives them a natural glossy look.This also includes Methi powder-Jatamansi powder-neem powder which stops hair fall and unclog the pores for better hair health


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    Hi All! I like to color my hair with Henna Powder. Before I used to change the color of my hair dramatically. That is the reason my hair became dry and damaged, although I used different types of coloring products. Because of the permanent coloring I started to lose my hair☹ Currently I decided to go back to nature. Now I am coloring my hair with Henna powder for about a year. And I like the results of natural coloring. Besides my hair looks much more stronger and healthy. I am not even talking that this is it the most cheaper way to color your hair. So I can see only benefits and would recommend natural Henna coloring as well.

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