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For the last year I have tried off and on to stay raw. At least try to eat more raw. This has been hard.I have cravings. Salt and sugar. The one thing that brings me out of raw is my egg and potato tacos. Also, the prep that is involved in the raw diet. I don't have a lot of time. I have kids, husband, job. I would have thought raw prep was not involved, but it is. I am looking for something easy. Then of course my husband makes amazing BBQ! OMG its so so so good! But I get sick nearly every time I eat it. This has nothing to do with his ability to cook. I have a problem eating cooked food. A couple years ago, I all of a sudden started having food allergies. This stinks!  I do love the raw food diet tho! It tastes good, my abdomen doesnt' hurt, I am not nauseaus, I don't swell, get migraines.

I have a couple of medical issues. I am Type 2 diabetic, I have a growing tumor on my adrenal gland, I also have lesions on my brain (possible ms, maybe something else??). I get muscle spasms, my eyes have trouble focusing. I take a low dose of baclofen for the spasms. I cant take anymore because of a reaction. Seems as though I am allergic to everything lately. One of my leasions actually shrunk 1mm. I was so happy. 

So, the reason for the raw food diet is above. I am having trouble with just sticking to it. I have trouble substituting for allergies. What can I sub for bananas, almonds, apple? Those are the 3 main ingredients that I see I have an allergy to. I have 3 pages of allergies. 

Every time i go shopping or make dinner, i always think about -will it give me diarrhea, stuffed up nose, migraine, raise my blood sugar, make me swell, make me nauseated, or gain more weight??? I hate that. Ugh! I just want to eat with out worrying about it. But, so goes it. 

If you have any ideas, , substitutions, please throw me some ideas.  Thank you for letting me vent.



  • Hi!

    Pears for apples is always an easy substitute. Banana is a tough one BUT if you can get your hands on some cherimoyas they're just as creamy (and really good when ripe). I just eat them right out of the peel, so no prep on that one unless adding it to a recipe. 

    I know how you feel about cooked food in general, it always leaves me with a stomach ache at minimum. Some are okay (steamed veggies) but others just aren't happening.  


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