Best low cost vertical slow juicer?


I'm wondering what is the best / fastest low cost vertical slow juicer with a wide feed chute? I have experience with a centrifugal juicer which was fast but had a lot of moist pulp and didn't seem to get enough out of leafy greens. And also an Omega horizontal juicer but it was just too slow to use often,  and I found it was often about an hour to prep the produce into small pieces and slowly feed through the juicer.

So I'm thinking that a wide chute vertical slow juicer might be the best 'happy medium.' But I'd prefer not to have to spend in the $600 + range to get a good one. Has anyone used a Ventray juicer or anything else in that price range? I'm thinking that I will still have to cut up apples, etc into 1/4 pieces but it seems to me that the larger auger of a vertical juicer would improve speed from a horizontal one? Thoughts?

Any brands and models in the $200 - $300 range that anyone has had a good experience with? 

Or should I just spend the money to get a Kuvings or similar model?



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