Can I start feeding my 17 week old kitten raw food?

I'm beginning my research on the nasty stuff in commercial cat foods.  To get a jump start, I purchased some Pets Go Raw frozen raw cat food from a small specialty pet store.  I wanted to start introducing it to Momma and the young ones so when they come up to 20 weeks old (I read somewhere that up until then, kittens need commercial kitten food for their growing needs) I could start transitioning them.  The thing is, young sir has really taken to it and now won't touch his commercial food.  Momma and young lady are still being finicky but I can go slow.  Is it ok for young sir to go straight raw at 17 weeks old or should I slow him down?



  • That so sweet <3

    Since he has already taken to it, maybe you can see if there is a supplement you can give him on top of it to make sure he's getting everything he needs?

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