Dumb Question Re:How To Reheat or Marinate Liquidy Foods in Dehydrator

Hi, all!  I'm very excited to be moving towards a mostly raw, vegan diet. So, I keep seeing recipes where people suggest warming up foods in the dehydrator or marinating foods in the dehydrator, and how easy this is.  The foods tend to be liquidy or messy, though.  I have a Nesco round-style dehydrator and it seems like it is too shallow for a bowl or pan... Do you spread it out?  Is it super-messy?  Any tips on how to make it less so?   I do know many people use their ovens on the lowest temperature or turn it off... But if it is in there for a while, is there a risk for food-born illness?  Thanks for your patience & help!  I know this probably seems silly, but I have some health problems & the chopping alone is pretty exhausting, so if I can avoid a giant mess, I'd really like to! ;)



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Hi! I use parchment (baking) paper and fold it at the corners to make a shallow box. 

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