Been raw almost a month was decent first week now nothing but tiredness sensitivity weakness etc

danielk4739danielk4739 Raw Newbie
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Been raw almost a month was decent first week now nothing but tiredness sensitivity weakness no weight loss etc... how long before the diet works and the detox stops. Am I not eating enough? I dont think thats the case cuz literally cant even do a pushup feels like my system just collapses. Thank you


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Hi Daniel. It could be detox symptoms.

    What have you been eating and how much?

  • danielk4739danielk4739 Raw Newbie

    I don't track my calories. So I don't know but I eat a lot of bananas lots of soaked nuts -peanuts almonds mung beans avocados. I eat till i feel full. Seems like I could eat 3000 calories worth of nuts bananas avocados but they never do the trick and make me feel like they don't satiate me. Eating seeds soaked seeds sunflower seeds Etc... seems to pack that punch and give me what I need. Someone on here said that eating a lot of seeds is bad?

  • patvosspatvoss Raw Newbie

    Hi Daniel, How crummy you feel has a lot to do with what your eating habits were like before going raw. As ClaireT suggested, you might not be getting enough calories -- try the free apps MyFitnessPal and Chronometer and be sure you're getting more calories than they recommend for your age, weight, height & activity level. Also, try adding some corn and oats. It's possible that frozen corn is blanched before freezing and oats are steamed in the rolling process, so you decide just how "raw" you want to be.  Fresh, non-gmo corn is hard to come by and usually expensive, but steel cut oats seem to be in most mainstream grocery stores. Also, you might try a pudding of ground chia seeds (you can do them whole, but I don't like pearly texture myself, so I grind them first), cacao, dates, almond milk and another fruit of your choice. You can put a T of raw almond butter and 1 C of water in your blender/bullet/vitamix to make quick almond milk, adding the date(s) and blend til dates disappear, then add 3-4 T ground chia seeds, cacao and maybe strawberries, banana or blueberries.  Blend a little in pour into your go-to container and refrigerate for a little bit (at least an hour, but it sets up pretty quickly).  You can also sneak in a small piece of peeled zucchini or cucumber to get a veggie in here, too. Laura-Jane, The Rawtarian, has a lot of chia seed recipes, too - just put "chia" in the search bar. Re: eating a lot of seeds - you're soaking them and it seems you need the calories, so unless you have some condition that would make them unhealthy for you, no problem that I've ever read about. Keep it up!

  • danielk4739danielk4739 Raw Newbie

    All right, are you sure I'm not going to die? Sometimes I really feel like it. Lol. I will carry on this diet for a little longer, increase my protein and track my calories but sometimes it really just feels like my European ancestry just can't permit me being totally vegan, unfortunately. It's been a long time coming.

  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    Sometimes it's better to start out gradually to avoid detox. I know I started with 80% vegan, then 90%, etc. 

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