Mineral Makeup is made of materials extracted from our precious Earth. The main ingredients are minerals such as iron and zinc oxides,
which are ground into tiny, shimmering particles for our skin’s use.

The Main Ingredients in mineral makeup by KISSMINERAL

MICA: Often referred to as “nature’s glitter”, mica is often found in cosmetic products due to its reflective properties that deliver a wonderful shimmery effect.

Titanium Dioxide: In cosmetics, titanium dioxide is generally used as a pigment and protection from UVA and UVB radiation.

Zinc Oxide: A white, powdery mineral with excellent adhesion properties, zinc oxide is often valued for its effective sun protection power.

Iron Oxide: A naturally occurring mineral known to be safe, gentle, and non-toxic to the skin, iron oxide does not smear easily due to its resistance to moisture.

Ultramarine Blue: Ultramarines are mineral blue, green, pink, red, and violet pigments and occur as a component of the deep-blue stone, Lapis Lazuli.

Tin Oxide: Naturally found in mineral form as Cassiterite, tin oxide is used to coat mica in KISS mineral Premium Foundation to reflect light and create a vibrant sheen.

Calcium Carbonate: Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral widely used as a pigment extender, prolonger, whitener, and oil absorber.

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