Getting Protein on a fruit-based diet.

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Hi guys, I'm transitioning to a fruit-based diet and I have a couple of questions, for starters:
1. What're the best mono meals for the different times of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?
2. What're your thoughts on fruit combining and what are some of the optimal combinations?
3. What're your thoughts on combining fruits with things like Ezekiel's sprouted granola and/or sprouted grain bread? (

4. How much protein and fat do I need? I weigh about 98 lbs, I'm a student, 25, and currently living a relatively sedentary lifestyle (not the long-term goal). I work 3 days a week as a vitamin clerk and on those days I'm on my feet all day, loading/unloading boxes, and walking around the store. On my days off I do yoga for 20-45 mins (sometimes an hour) and go on nature walks if I have the time. 

Thanks for your input!



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    I like the idea of sprouts in general. They have so packed with everything we need. 

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    Hi Ryan,  Several years ago I went to a raw food retreat and ate at the same table as a bunch of young athletes.   The whole group ate mono meals of  maybe half or more of a watermelon.   It was an incredible sight..all those guys on a raw food diet eating so much watermelon!

    Watermelon makes a great mono meal!

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