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There is some level of creativity, research and fun. A big part of the joy of home brewing is how you can come up with several creative ideas and lessons you can get from it. Mistakes are a bigger part of the brewing process and ultimately will make you good at brewing since you get to know the impact of everything you do. Those who love food
find it easy to learn how to cook. You get to know more about about wine, and more so home brewing in a short time of preparation compared to three years of getting to know how to identify them by tasting them.
He adds that getting to know how to do something, more so wine or beer, gives you important lessons of the whole brewing process. Like you can go for different yeasts, and the outcome will be different every time though it is not stated in the procedure.

Home Wine Brewing Process
1. Get a home brewing kit preferably all grain. You can order you own but it is necessary to go for what's done by expert brewers to get the best result.
Two buckets

Two lids with grommets

Two airlocks

A glass thermometer

A syphon set

A hydrometer

Wine corks

Shrink capsules

Wine bottles
2. You can then get some ingredients; Freshly squeezed juice from fruit you choose
Wine yeast

It might be recommended to add Campden tablets to manage oxidation

The six main basic steps are simple,

Wash and sterilize everything you’ll be using. This removes bacteria.

Squeeze the juice from your fruit and then add water and yeast.

Cover pot with a cloth and leave your mix to ferment for 10 days.

After your fermentation period, strain your wine to remove any froth and scum.

Separate the wine from sediment. Use a funnel several times across a week or so, transferring into different airtight containers.

Leave your wine to mature for any length of time between a month and a year.

This may seem like a long time to wait but it is worth the wait. You can then serve it or deliver it as a hamper. I opt for a chocolate over cheese and wine hamper.
One important thing to consider is the storage process as oxygen will spoil it. What wine storage procedures have you learned that worked perfectly for you?

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