Osteoarthritis/ degenerative discs in the spine

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Hi guys,

Has anyone had a reduction/eliminated pain in the spine from osteoarthritis/degenerative changes after going raw? If so, how long did it take you? Thanks



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Make sure you're getting a lot of dark leafy greens for the magnesium, calcium, and vitamin K. 

    Also lots of red and yellow veggies for collagen. 

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    Hi debs,

    I happen to understand this condition from a holistic point of view and there's a fair amount of new science regarding causation and treatments.

    Firstly keep going with the raw diet, its the best for regenerative approaches.

    So, we know osteoarthritis is in very basic terms, inflammation and lectins seem likely to be one of the key ingredients for a inflammatory immune response. So, search up foods with lectins.....lectins are a group of proteins, of which gluten is one,basically a chain of amino acids which are meant to break apart in the stomach and many people can't break them apart,this results in it passing through the gi tract in a chain,breaking the villi and lowering absorbsion of your diet(leaky gut syndrome), from then on the immune system will react with inflammation,when you eat that food again.its the start of all auto immune conditions,chronic illness and even allergies.

    So.....it seems some people can process certain lectins and not others or can't eat any at all,but i would bet gluten will be a likely candidate to start with,wheat barley rye and oats.


    You could remove all lectins for a while and see how it goes. Usually feel at difference in 2weeks,this would be a good sign.....but can take 14months for full benefits 


    A holistic approach to test what you can or cant tolerate,is to remove all lectins for 2-4weeks,monitor how you feel and then eat the lectin from a particular food you want to check,unfortunately if you can't break that lectin you will have a immune response,but this is actually the evidence you need for that individual food.

    During the healing period of 14 months, reduce sugar and dairy or remove completely,this will just speed up the regeneration of the Gi tract.so you can still have or add back in at a later date.

    When ever we hear the word degenerative or degeneration in holistic science it is a smoking gun for lectin and gluten intolerances.if we're not absorbing nutrients correctly we can't rebuild and renew cells and tissues, leading to degenerative conditions rather than the opposite.......a regenerative holistic approach.

    This part doesn't really help being raw, apart from gluten,if you cook a veggie with lectins it breaks the chain, also deseeding and taking the skin of a pepper reduces most of the lectins then cook.

    If you test all veggies with lectins and they are causing issues and you find your now limited regarding raw options, switch to a strict and pure lectin free diet and that will do the job and maybe cold press lectin free veggies for some raw nutrition. 

    Hope this helps


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