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of being overweight, being in pain, people staring at my tummy and my breasts, tired of doc appts and tests. I hate physical therapy. It is so boring. This is my 3rd go-around with physical therapy. Don't get me wrong, it works, it helps a lot! But I can only do the same exercises for so long. At one time I did switch things up, then when I tried to learn something new, the virus hit. So I started working out at home. Then I guess I may have done something, but my muscles started their thing again. This time in my hips. I waited too long to start working out again.  Muscle spasms started again, tight ligaments and all. I started walking funny again. UGH. 

So, here I am, again, trying to get my weight down, my muscles under control. 

I am a type 2 diabetic (hereditary). I have lesions on my brain (possible MS) and a tumor on my adrenal gland. UGH. 

I love eating raw. No doubt. But it is a lot of food prep time. I can admit, my weakness is sugar. I eat my potato and egg tacos 2-3 times per week. Believe it or not...I did not have any trouble giving up bread. I rarely eat bread anymore.

But I don't just sit on my bum and do nothing.

I am a dog walker and pet sitter. I walk about 3 miles per day. I am not able to do anything too strenuous. Otherwise, my muscles are just tight. There's a difference between a good muscle burn and pain after a workout. I don't know how much more exercise I need to do to lose weight. I know I will feel better if I could just stick to my raw diet. Every time I go raw, I lose 10 lbs in 3 days and my blood sugar immediately goes back to normal. I feel good! I feel energized. I just don't know how to stick to it. 


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    Going raw is such an amazing thing we can do for health.

    Fruit has helped me with my sugar cravings. So have a lot of the sweeter recipes on here!

    Do you make smoothies? Sometimes that's a whole lot easier than making a meal, so it makes it easier to stay on the right track. 

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