I'm Nit Weighing Myself

deer4deer4 Raw Jr. Leader

I decided not to weigh myself. The high number just makes me wonder why I am even attempting to lose weight. I feel kinda defeated and give up! So I decided to measure my waist. That number is more manageable. I restarted my raw diet last week. About 6 days ago. I have so far been eating a majority raw. Lunch and dinner are raw. My daughter has made a couple of meals raw, and so have I. Breakfast is cooked. I have an egg, toast, avocado, a bowl of cereal(I don't like sugary cereals), deviled eggs, potato and egg taco, maybe a biscuit with a scrambled egg. And yes....I still have my candy...I have a sweet tooth...tsk tsk. 

I measured my waist this evening. I went from 47.5 inches to 45 inches!!! 

Now I will concentrate on the next inch! 



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    That's the best way to do it. I measure and use the scale. That way, I'm always losing somewhere :)

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