How Much A Fruit Drying Room Cost?

meibangmeibang Raw Newbie

In the fruit harvest season, if the fruit is not sold or processed in time, it is more likely to rot and will cause losses. In fact, fruits can also be sold after drying and dehydration, such as bananas, mangoes, dragon fruits, strawberries, etc. These preserved fruits taste very good and are very popular among young people. Speaking of drying fruits, fruit drying room must be used, and I will analyze the price of fruit drying rooms for everyone.

The heat source of the fruit drying room is air energy heat pump, and the price is determined by the configuration. The price of our fruit drying room is about tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The board room is made of polyurethane insulation boards with good thermal insulation performance, and the scientific air distribution system can send hot air into every corner of the drying room. Put fresh fruits on the tray, and put the tray on the carts, and then push carts into the fruit dryer to dry. There is no discharge of exhaust gas and waste water during the drying process, which meets the requirements on environmental protection, and the operating cost is relatively low.

Mayboom fruit drying room has an ideal drying effect for drying materials with particle size below 5CM. The materials that are often dried and processed are chili, pepper, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, yam, red dates, day lily, etc. Mayboom fruit dryer room is an ideal drying equipment for self-employed or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Many customers are on the sidelines of purchasing our fruit drying room, worrying about whether the equipment is expensive or not, how long it will take to pay back. The price of our fruit drying room is about tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. If you want to learn more about the drying equipment, please leave a message or email us, thank you.

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