Losing strength during "detox" phase?

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I was curious if others have noticed a loss of strength during the transition over to higher fruit consumption on a mostly raw diet?  I have been fighting Lyme disease for about 15 years or so, and had switched over to a higher fat raw diet within the past 2-3 years or so, and was feeling noticeably better with some gains in strength and well being  Recently, I have transitioned over to a lower fat, aka 10-15% ratio however, including a higher raw fruit consumption to account for more of my calories than previously, and have found that greater fatigue and definite muscle loss have started to occur.  Guess I was wondering if others have experienced this, and if this is indeed "detox", is it even worth doing weight bearing exercises until after I have cleaned myself out a bit?  I have been keeping track of my calorie count, so that does not seem to be the issue.  Just curious if other more experienced folks have dealt with this.  Thanks.



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    It could be the transition but maybe your fat ratio is too low. Muscle loss is never a good sign. 

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    OK, so i think you were in ketosis, meaning keystones were using fats as your main fuel,now your on a hi carb diet the body stops producing keytones and discards them via urine. So you energy suppy has changed, hence the energy drop.

    If you fully detox on raw,your strength will improve,but i feel much better in ketosis. It is possible to do both raw and be in ketosis.....

    Carrot is about as sugary as you can go interms of carb veggies and stay in ketosis,focus on leafy green,brocholi, cauliflower etc as for fruit they are all hi carb,so keep intake very low or remove and feed the keystones,10-15% healthy fat in take is close to perfect for raw keto.berries are worth consuming in small amounts at one time.

    I'll have a wee think about holistic approaches for Lyme disease and get back to you if I have anything to add.

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    Thanks for the replies.  Jim, my carbs were pretty high still, like 100-200 g per day up until recently, where I have upped them even more.  That level of carbs seems too high to be in ketosis, I would think.  Who knows.  As for the Lyme protocols, no need.  I am more focused on cleaning myself out at the moment, as several who have recovered from Lyme have adopted mostly raw vegan diets.  I am attempting this myself, but don't expect any quick miracles.  Healing takes time.

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