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hello! I've recently gone raw two weeks ago, I have been vegan for almost two years and felt it was time to take the next step. Over the past two weeks I've been going through it digestion wise (which from reading other posts within this community is very normal). I've been a nut addict for a long time, having to remove them from the house and have people hide them so to stop me demolishing them. Does anyone have any tips for reducing cravings for them? Is there something I'm lacking that I can get from somewhere else? I'd like to go low-fat raw, any tips?

Thanks heaps, and this community is so cool! Very grateful to have stumbled across it :))



  • gwenbachgwenbach Raw Newbie

    I've been raw before and unfortunately fell off the wagon. I used to eat lots of nuts and also felt addicted and after a while was rather low in energy. Now I am back at being fully raw but also much lower in nuts than most recipes here use. I have no idea if member here actually eat this many nuts daily. Like a cup of cashews for a meal is crazy! 
    Anyway, I would try to up the fruits instead. Works like a charm for me and takes the cravings away. I was afraid of fruit and the sugar but read the 80-10-10 book from by Douglas Graham. The first few days I literally stuffed myself with fruits and veggies and the cravings went away...all cravings went away!! And I really was a food addict...bread, chocolate and ice cream, really anything creamy and rich. 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
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    Fruits and vegetables are the way to go if you want to have more energy and feel less weighed down. too many fats, even the good kinds, aren't great. Some are necessary but there is definitely a point at which it becomes overkill. 

  • Jayelle CJayelle C Raw Jr. Leader

    It could be that you're craving protein and that's why you're craving the nuts.  Also, a certain amount of fat is good for you and important for your brain, believe it or not.  You can also get protein from legumes, which I think has a much lower fat content.  Also, try to research what amino acids make up certain proteins your body needs.  Combining certain plants can give you those amino acids which is similar to getting the protein they're made up of (at least that's how I understand it.  It's been a while since I had learned about this stuff).

    Whenever you're craving something, it's a sign that your body is needing something that food has.  Finding another source for that (in this case it's most likely protein or some mineral found in the nuts you're craving) is key in removing the craving.  Also, nut heavy foods feel very filling, which legumes should also help with.  Sometimes it's a feeling more than nutritional content that we crave.

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