Like to share my Energy Healing service page (im not a scammer)

I offer a few different kind of distant energy healing services. The one that stands out the most. Is my harmful organism detox service. Not many healers offer this type of service, the ones who do often charge alot of money, sometimes hundreds. Mine is really affordable. It can help eliminate most harmful organisms, including parasites and parasite eggs. I can add probiotics and enzymes to the body if its needed. Also help detox toxins and heavy metals. I have a listing that helps with all of that. I have a few experiences healing parasites with energy healing but that was going to another healer. I once got sick eating not fully cooked meat, was sick for 2-3 months very noticeably. Then i learned how to do it my self for my self and for others. All my symptoms disappeared after a few days. As you might know parasite eggs are what makes parasite cleanses a long process. 2-5 weeks is the recommended length to do the detox. From my experience energy healing can make it pretty instant, but i wont make promises cause i know its for most kinds of harmful organisms, there are some issues i cant exactly help out with but it should help boost the immune system at the very least clearing out what it can and adding probiotics if you need it.

heres my youtube channel, to show you im a genuine person. i also have free info on there about crystals thats really hard to find on the internet. some crystals can be very healing, i used to use a few my self. they were a huge help when i really needed it.



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Welcome! I agree that parasites are a major (and often unspoken) health concern. 

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