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raw meat?

How come you don’t eat raw meat? The title should be ‘gone raw vegan’ then.Is dehydrate food still living? When I looked at the dehydrators instruction booklet, it said that the dehydrators destroy the living enzymes.



  • I don’t eat any animal products, because of the ethical aspect as well as the health aspect. I know that Carol Alt besides raw vegan eats raw meat as well. Maybe you can take a look at her website
    for more details www.rawnutrition.com

  • I’ve been reading this site for a while(I am not new) and tried the recipes. The dehydrated ones don’t work out that well for me. Other than the belief that eating meat is ethically wrong, is it all bad physically? I know some points is that its acidic and leaches calcium out of the bones. And I was asking if dehydrated foods are as living as fresh food. I saw on some websites that they say that dehydrated foods don’t contain as much life force.

  • ZoeZoe

    Hi there topcat,
    I believe that meat eating is bad for my health. Here’s some reasons why that I copied and pasted from my website www.purelyraw.com:

    “Much of what you are about to read here may come as a shock. The following information is now commonly accepted in the scientific and medical community and can easily be verified. We encourage you to research these facts for yourself.

    Our bodies make all the cholesterol we need. Eating extra cholesterol has killed more people than: all the wars, natural disasters and car accidents of the twentieth century added together. Eating Vegan means eating no animal based foods. The only source of cholesterol is animal foods. Plant foods contain no cholesterol.

    It’s simple, the extra cholesterol clogs our veins and arteries restricting the flow of blood. Restrict blood flow to the brain and you’ll have a stroke. Restrict blood flow to the heart and you’ll get Heart Disease. Restrict blood flow to your cells and you’ll get Cancer.

    Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the UK and US. Heart disease kills one in five men and one in six women. The number two killer of course is Cancer. A recent study of autopsies shows that 80% of those over 40 have some form of cancer.

    Many people now avoid red meat or beef, thinking that white meat is better. The truth is meat is meat. A 3 ounce piece of beef has 75 mg of cholesterol while a 3 ounce skinless chicken breast has 72 mg of cholesterol. The two are mostly the same.

    Many today have given up eating animals and become vegetarian. Little do they know that a glass of milk is the same as 7 strips of bacon. Cheese, Eggs, Yogurt, it’s all the same. It all contains cholesterol and animal protein, and that is what’s killing us.

    We’ve been taught that we desperately need animal protein, but nothing could be further from the truth. Protein deficiency caused by diet is only found in cases of severe starvation. Many plant foods have protein, and plant protein won’t kill you. Both spinach and broccoli have near twice the protein of beef. A diet of nothing but potatoes will give you enough protein.

    In the west our health problems are caused by excess not deficiency. Don’t worry about what you are not eating, beware of what you are eating.

    There has never been a single case of calcium deficiency from diet in human history. We’ve been taught we need the calcium in dairy products to build strong bones. The opposite is actually true. The animal protein in dairy products makes our blood pH acidic. Our bodies then draw calcium from our bones to balance our blood pH. Yes, that means that milk actually causes bone loss. Osteoporosis is most common in cultures that consume the most animal foods.

    Never before have we eaten so much animal fats and protein. Animal foods like meat, dairy and fish only became affordable in the 20th century. In the last half of the century we’ve doubled our meat consumption to an average of 105 kilos per person per year.

    We’ve switched from a plant-based diet to an animal based one. This was the biggest diet change in human history and was followed by a huge increase in cancer, heart disease and diabetes. These were previously the diseases of the rich, who could afford to eat a lot of animal foods.

    We now grow far more food to feed farm animals than we eat ourselves. 87% of agricultural land is used to raise the animals we eat. Farm animals consume 80% of our corn, 80% of our grain and 95% of our oats. We spend more time, money and resources fattening the animals we eat than we do feeding humans that are actually starving.

    Half the fresh water in the West is used to grow crops to feed farm animals. Half of the fresh water wells are contaminated by agriculture, by growing food that is mainly used to feed animals. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and nitrate fertilizers pollute our fresh water. Fertilizers cause algae growth in rivers, which kills water life.

    Today’s farm animals are neither happy nor healthy. They are drugged up, disease ridden shadows of the animals our grandparents ate. 80% of dairy cows and pigs have pneumonia. 90% of chickens have cancer. Farm animals live a fraction of their potential life span and many would die soon from disease, if not slaughtered on time.

    To keep them alive in their unnatural conditions, farm animals are fed antibiotics. Much stronger ones than we use. These antibiotics remain in the food we eat. Increasing our resistance to them, and annihilating out ability to absorb essential nutrients like vitamin B12 by destroying Intrinsic Factor.

    Finally, we just aren’t carnivores. We’re not even omnivores. All carnivores have short guts, through which meat is eliminated before it putrefies. Human intestines are 3 times the length of carnivores. Our guts are even much longer than an omnivore

  • topcat,

    For information about the health aspects of eating animals and animal products, I’d highly recommend reading The China Study. In short summary:

    The findings?

  • Meat contains no fiber and is high in omega 6 saturated fats.. It throws the balance off for SAD eaters between omega 6 and omega 3 fats. It also putrifies in the gut. Meat has proteins that mimick “self” proteins. Look up molecular mimicry. These become free-radicals and sometimes, like in my case with MS, the body attacks those meat proteins that attach to the self proteins and the self is destroyed along with the invaders. I suppose that happens to everyone in various degrees. Go to the source for protein, plants, and skip the middle cow.

  • Humans have a longer digestive tract which allows us to breakdown and assimilate fibrous vegetables and fruits. Carnivores on the other hand have shorter digestive tracks and their bodies are very acidic allowing them to digest meat more efficiently. When humans eat meat it is unable to be digested and remains in the body for a very long time. It begins to ferment and slowly poisons the body. Raw meat is very dangerous to consume because it contain a great number of harmful bacteria. Carnivores are able to eat raw meats because their bodies are able to erradicate these bacteria. As a conclusion: Human= Herbivore :)

  • This is great information, thanks Zoe, kandace, et al.

  • Here in Europe people eat raw meat pretty often, like steak tartare. It’s really easy to make. Here’s a Mercola demo for the carnivorous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufka7GQ7sNw
    Raw eggs are consumed as well – like in carbonara.

  • Wow, where should I start? Zoe your anecdote on meat seems very well researched but is highly flawed. Cholesterol does not nor has it ever caused artery clogging this is a common myth that many vegans like you perpetuate, but if you ever cared to do some real research you would know that dietary cholesterol has very little effect on the cholesterol in the blood.

    Most of our cholesterol comes from our liver and it is actually used as an antioxidant in that it fights inflammation. When we have high blood cholesterol our this means there is inflammation in the blood vessels. This inflammation is usually caused by things like processed foods, carcinogens from COOKED meat, breads, rancid oils etc. So when our bodies sense this inflammation going on our livers send out the cholesterol to fight it. This is similar to what happens when we get acne which is another kind of inflammation. When scientists and doctors open our clogged arteries and see cholesterol they assume that cholesterol is the problem when the real problem was the inflammatory food we ate and our body was just reacting to it. Just like when we get acne our pores get clogged with white puss which are simply white blood cells trying to control the inflammation. Type in “Cholesterol Myth” in the Google search engine and you’ll see a bunch of articles and even videos on this. In fact there are whole books written on the subject just look in amazon.com.

    Now with milk and other dairy products I will agree that PASTEURIZED dairy, which is pretty much all the dairy in grocery stores, is very unhealthy. RAW dairy, however, is a very healthy food, containing many (if not al) of the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, including trace minerals. Type in “raw milk” or “real milk”

    As far as your “farm animal” studies go I’m assuming that they were referring to commercially produced farms. Where are your studies for organic, wild caught and free-range animals? How many GRASS-FED cows have cows have pneumonia? How about the cancer rate of FREE-RANGE chickens?

    I also disagree with your argument about humans not being omnivores. Human Beings have been consuming meat ever since we first evolved over 2 million years ago, even before our use of fire, just type in “evolution of human diet” in the search engine. In fact all primates eat animal protein (mostly insects and small animals) and have done so for over 70 million years. Our stomachs are not as short as some true carnivores but it is also not as long as true herbivores. Our stomachs are actually short compared to other apes and monkeys, which eat many fibrous foods as you suggested. But since our stomachs are shorter in comparison this would signify that our stomachs are more designed for more energy-dense foods. What’s even more interesting is that since hominids first evolved 5-6 million years ago to about 10,000 years ago our digestive systems have gotten, not longer or even stagnant, but shorter which means that our bodies were adapting more and more to these “energy dense” foods.

    Meat is an energy dense food. And what all of this means is during this time period, not only were we capable of digesting animal protein but our bodies were becoming more efficient at digesting it and in much more significant quantities. I recommend you check out this article http://www.beyondveg.com/billings-t/comp-anat/c…

    A favorite argument among vegans is that “we are not designed to eat meat because we do not have the toolset required to take down large animals like tigers and wolves do.” I personally think that this is a rather weak argument though. How does a sea otter get access to the inside of a mollusk’s tough shell without having bone- crushing jaws? How does a finch reach a grub hidden deep inside a cavity in a tree without having a beak long enough to reach it?

    Or better yet how does a chimpanzee get access to termites inside a termite mound without having massive excavation claws like anteaters or aardvarks? They use tools. Sea otters use rocks, finches use cactus spines, and chimpanzees use sticks and twigs to make up for their lacks. So do humans, were just more advanced in our tool-making abilities. We don’t need claws and fangs because we have something called “intelligence” and “creativity“. And in any case who says you need fangs and claws in order to eat meat? What about insects, frogs, baby birds, and eggs? These things are all relatively easy to catch and eat without any special tools, not to mention scavenging.

    To say that we should not eat meat because without spears and guns we do not have the necessary tools to take down animals is like saying we should not live anywhere north or south of the tropics because without clothes and houses we do not possess insulating fur or blubber necessary to survive in colder climates, or that we should not eat fruits or vegetables because without farms, agriculture and hybridizing we would not otherwise have unlimited access to such tasty and healthy foods. Its all ridiculous nonsense!

    Animal products have been blamed for ill health for decades. We’ve all seen and heard the studies but almost all of them are done with cooked meat and pasteurized dairy. But how many people have gotten cancer from eating raw meat or even slow cooked meat? How many people have gotten osteoporosis from raw milk? I haven’t seem any studies on that have you? Remember people, its not the food you prepare. it’s the way you prepare the food that matters.

    All in all, meat is not bad for us. Excess cholesterol is not going to give us heart disease. Saturated fat is not going to give us cancer and dairy is not going to give us osteoporosis. Mother’s milk contains “excess” cholesterol high amounts of saturated fat and is technically a dairy food, and yet is the healthiest thing you can feed a baby. Animal protein is very digestible especially in primates. In fact all mammals have ability to digest animal protein (what do you think mother’s milk is?) even if it is only insects. Even some supposed “herbivores” in the wild have been seen intentionally eating meat like Scottish Deer eating young songbirds and hippos occasionally scavenging off of dead animal carcasses.

    I really wish vegans and “hygienists” would just accept the fact that meat IS a natural part of our diet and stop spreading all this negative propaganda about it. If you don’t like meat then just don’t eat it, but that doesn’t make it unhealthy or an unnatural part of our diet. And just because it is a natural part of our part of our diet doesn’t mean that you have to eat it, but the proof is in the pudding. Humans have always eaten meat, but our health did not start declining until around 10,000 years ago when grains, legumes, and other starches started taking a major part in our diet. I mean we blame meat for everything, but what look at what we usually eat meat with: fries, buns, potatoes, bread, pasta, biscuits, rice, not to mention all the refined oils, processed sauces, seasonings and dips we add to it. I’m just saying that we need to open our eyes and look at the bigger picture here and see things for what they are instead what we want them to be.

    As far as a natural diet is concerned I think an ideal diet for the majority of the population would probably be a “paleo” or “hunter-gatherer” type of diet. A diet that consists of fresh or frozen but not canned fruit and/or vegetables, preferably organic if you can afford it or bought at a farmers market or grown by yourself, along fresh not canned or precooked meat of your choice (red/white meat, fish, shellfish etc.). Personally, I enjoy red meat like beef, buffalo, and lamb.

    For the most nutritive benefit I would recommend either eating meat raw, dehydrated (between 100-110 degrees), or slow cooked with a crock pot or dutch oven at the lowest temp. possible. Temperatures above 200 degrees tend to produce high amounts of carcinogens which are toxic to the body although a few aren’t going to do much harm. As with fruit and veggies its recommended that you go organic. Healthy food = a healthy body. Try to look for labels like: certified organic, free-range, grass-fed, cage-free, pastured, wild caught, etc. A label that says “natural” does not necessarily mean organic. It just means that artificial substances weren’t added to packages, like ground meat for instance.

    I would suggest that all seed foods(nuts, grains, legumes etc.) be either soaked or sprouted before eaten. These processes help remove tannins and enzyme inhibitors might otherwise make these foods hard to digest if not indigestible. Soaking can usually be done overnight (8-12 hours), sprouts can be grown in a jar, container or tray in some peat moss or some soil with a little water added. Sprouting can take anywhere from one day to a week depending on the seed type.

    Percentages of foods will also vary. If you find that you do well or better on a mostly plant diet with little or no animal protein then great, keep at it. And if you find that you do better with animal protein with less or no fruits or veggies then all the more power to you.

  • I do believe that the entire title of the site is “Gone Raw: a place to share and discuss vegan, raw food recipes”. I am not placing any judgment on the people who choose to eat animal products… just clarifying the intent (I think) of the site.

  • keelamwri – agree 100%.

    I’ve been eating raw eggs, milk, cheese, beef, fish, and even chicken, and I haven’t gotten sick once, and my energy levels have been through the roof.

    The Japanese eat raw fish, and they’re some of the healthiest people in the world.

    I look out at nature, and I see birds eating worms, lions eating deer, fish eating smaller fish, dogs eating cats, cats eating birds, and I have to wonder, if I were three inches tall, would my cuddly little house cat tear me apart???

    Of course it would, because that’s the natural thing for cats to do, just like hunting/fishing is the natural thing for humans to do, but that’s just my opinion.

  • I think that we have to accept that more recent evolutionary changes were not the same for all human groups. There is no doubt that the genetic make up we carry around was influenced by the environment our ancestors lived in. If they lived in cold areas with harsh winters, their skin evolved thinner to allow the sun rays to penetrate so their bodies could make more vitamin D. The same way, if your ancestors lived near the equator with year around sun exposure, their skin evolved to do the exact opposite; it turned thicker and darker to protect it from the sun.

    Similarly, if your ancestors lived in cold areas, they probably had to resource to meat during the winter. On the other hand, if your ancestors lived near the equator, then they probably had plenty of tropical fruits to nourishing them and quench their thirst without the need of animal protein (bananas have plenty of proteins, we probably we all know that by now). So, in my modest opinion, the result is that people came up very different from each other, and therefore their bodies have different needs. Some may indeed need some animal proteins in their diets to be healthy, while others cannot handle too much of it.

    The bottom line is that everybody needs fruits and vegetables to be healthy, but not everybody needs massive amounts of proteins (let alone meat) to be healthy. To me eating meat is an individual call. You may have heard about vegans getting vitamin deficient and sick after a couple of years on the diet, while others thrive for years and years.

    So keelamwri, if a fat/meat loaded diet works for you that’s fine with me. But please, also believe us when we say that we are the healthiest we’ve ever been in this raw vegan diet!

    I whish you the best (and to all the hidden meat eaters out there). :)

  • ^ Yes, we’re all different.

    keelamwri wrote: “Even some supposed “herbivores” in the wild have been seen intentionally eating meat like Scottish Deer eating young songbirds and hippos occasionally scavenging off of dead animal carcasses.”

    Here’s a video of a cow eating a chicken! lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1HEwvxhyAQ

    Warning: Not for the super sensitive.

  • Well put, RawLizard

  • Topcat, its a good question you’re asking, because there certainly is a huge difference between raw and life food. However, i think that this site is more for people who eat life(raw) food and not previously alive(raw) food. Its sort of like this: don’t eat anything that would try to get away from you fighting for their life. Welcome =]

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    kevlar, hunting and fishing is no more a natural thing for humans to do than algebra, we are merely taught that it is what is natural for us from a young age by people who were taught the same, humans eating meat and fish is not natural, it is tradition, it is habit, tradition and habit are fine to break up with, nature isnt.

    just my opinion (and proven but i think the charts showing the differences between omni, herbi and carni bodies is available anywhere on the internet for anyone who wants find it,but let me know if you cant find it and ill take the extra time to link you)

  • I look at what humans eat in the “wild.” There may be a few tribes that are vegan, but the vast majority of tribal cultures in the history of the planet have been hunter/gatherers (and a lot of them were cannibals too).

    We don’t need to study the anatomy of chimpanzees to determine what they eat either. We just watch them.

    I have no trouble digesting meat, but if you’re a vegan, I respect that, and that’s fine. To each their own.

    On a side note, I’ve been studying wild edible plants for a while now, and I go on long hikes through the woods, and, sorry, there’s just no way to gather enough berries/nuts/weeds to stay alive where I live. It’s just mostly dead grass and inedible trees. The agriculture that allows vegans to stay alive is also a human invention, like algebra.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    and where i live i gather alot of my food from the wild, and if i needed to i could live well from the foods in the wild. i wonder how many trees you know you can eat the leaves of etc, its not that we have to learn how to survive as vegans, its more that we have forgotten the art, so we use books and the internet to RE educate ourselves. mass agriculture and commercial agriculture are indeed not natural, but we didnt need to do that as we learnt to store, just watch any animal that needs to hibernate to see that, i dont think they were taught that, its instinct.

    as you say to each there own, but i intend to live my life on this planet naturally and hurt none, and this is a vegan raw site which is why i am here.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    as a side note kevlar agriculture is what has led people like your good self to live in areas that werent meant to sustain human life in the wild, and our current life style as a race has also meant that a lot of places that were suitable to sustain us previously have now been destroyed

    just a thought

  • ^ Weren’t meant to sustain human life???? How about the Native Americans, who ate buffalo, and used every part of them?

    dodo wrote: “as you say to each there own, but i intend to live my life on this planet naturally and hurt none, and this is a vegan raw site which is why i am here.”

    That’s cool, and I respect your opinion, but I’m a raw foodist, and that’s why I’m here.

    By the way, it’s mostly oak trees where I live, and I’d have to boil the acorns to eat them (like the Native Americans did).

  • I do believe that some non-vegan foods are necessary in a proper and complete “natural diet” (whole/unprocessed foods available in nature). If supplements must be taken in order to provide adequate essential nutrients (B12, zinc, etc), then that is not complete nutrition imo. I fully respect vegan views and I do my best to limit consumption/purchase of animal products and am against unethical treatment of animals.

    My (limited) consumption/purchase of animal products may be a contradiction with that statement, but I do the best that I can whilst not depriving myself of what I feel my body needs. Find me a good vegan source of common naturally occurring B12 that is bioavailable to the body and I may consider following a vegan diet for awhile.

    dodo: Agriculture has screwed things on MANY levels. This is a good topic to spread awareness, but along with that we should be working towards a solution instead of focusing so much on the problem itself! That’s how things truly get solved (also a major reason why I do not protest)!

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    Mmmmmmmm Acorns drools

    James, absoloutly, awareness is the most important thing in any cure or prevention. maybe you could start a thread to get the ball rolling

    I grow all my own organic veg and fruit in my garden which is so pure i even pick and eat a lot of the wild weeds and wild flowers that grow there, also the leaves from several of the trees and vines i use too, i grow all my own herbs there, make all my juices from there, even grow the kittnes wacky weed there (cat nip) :) and i think we can all agree that THATs the way uh huh uh huh we like it :)

  • keelamwri, some of your own statements are “flawed”. You signed up just to post a long-winded, rambling justification to your own meat-eating? Yawn.

  • Yo kev, how long you been eating raw meat? My diet’s mostly raw/dehydrated eggs, milk, beef, buffalo, lamb, with some fruit.

    I also eat seed foods like pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pecans, peanuts but I can’t stand vegetables so I dont eat any and I dont eat grains.

    All in all I would say that my diet is about 60% animal protein, 35% fruit and 5% of everything else. This, of course fluctuates depending on the season and whatever I might be craving. Sometimes its more meat and sometimes its more fruit.

  • This is to TomsMom. Which statement(s) of mine did you think was flawed?

    The main reason I signed up here was to tell the truth for once. I usually don’t care enough to bother speaking in forums but it seems as though every “raw” message board, guru, and article out is spouting the same FALSE claims and after a while I just got tired of it.

    Then I came across this forum and found exactly what I expected to find. Somebody mentions “meat” and all of a sudden its the number one killer on earth. Its ridiculous.

    The main issue I have with certain vegans and even some vegetarians is not that they don’t consume meat. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the massive amount of contradictions, hypocrisy, superiority complexes, and just plain ignorance that continues to carry on in the vegan and raw vegan food movement, especially in regards to animal protein consumption. Vegans will often say things like “we should be natural and eat only fruits and vegetables like our ancestors did.” when the truth is none of our human or even primate ancestors have EVER been pure vegans.

    Some will even say things like “vegan diet is the healthiest most complete diet on earth” and then turn around and recommend that you take a vitamin b12 supplement since most vegans become deficient in it after about 6-8 years without it. Wow I didn’t know our ancestors took supplements. So that’s why they were so healthy!

    Also, I’m not trying to “justify” anything. What made you think that? What part of my post did I say “I eat animal protein because…” or “we should all eat meat because”? I just wanted to tell truth for once and debug a lot of the myths and false truths that were on here so that people reading could get some unbiased input for a change. If that makes you “yawn” then why did you read it in the first place and then post a comment that doesn’t do anything to add any relevance to the discussion?

    Oh! And dodo, why would you say that eating meat is not natural? Of course its natural, we have only been doing it for MILLIONS of years! Its way more natural than “veganism” or even “vegetarianism”. And why do you think that being taught how to hunt and fish is unnatural? Saying that its unnatural to hunt or to be taught how to is like saying it is “unnatural” for an eagle to fly.

    Orcas teach their young how to fish and hunt for seals, and chimpanzees teach their young how to “fish” for termites. Even primarily solitary animals like cheetahs and cougars will teach their young how to hunt by bringing them on hunting trips so that the cubs can watch how its done and sea otters teach their pups how bang rocks against mollusks. It is just as “natural” for them to hunt and fish as it is for us. In fact there are many primitive societies today who hunt and gather for SURVIVAL. Or do you think “gathering” food is unnatural too?

    I want people to know and understand that a plant-based diet is not a more “natural” diet. It is not a “healthier” diet or a “better” diet. It is an AL-TER-NA-TIVE diet! That’s all it is and that’s all it ever has been. Again, if you like your veggies then eat your veggies, but just because your diet works for you doesn’t make an animal based one or even one that simply includes animals in it unnatural.

  • Humans were not meant to eat meat. Our body pH was meant to be alkaline, and meat, whether it is raw or cooked, is highly acidic and therefore not suitable for the human body. Another reason is that our intestines are excessively long and it takes more than 50 hours to completely digest it. On the other hand, vegan food processes through the body within 2-5 hours.

    Carnivores, on the other hand, such as cats, have a body pH that is acidic, so they must keep that pH by eating raw meat. Their colons are also much shorter.

    The one thing that still baffles me is that our ancestors (Neanderthals, Homo erectus, etc), to my knowledge, were omnivores eating lots of raw meat, eggs, and fish, and I believe vegetables as well. The reason this doesn’t make any sense is because our closest relatives, gorillas, apes, etc, eat a completely vegan diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. So, based on the pH of people and the fact that our closest relatives are vegans, means that we were meant to eat vegan food as well.

    Like I said, it still baffles me that our ancestors ate a pretty much carnivorous diet. I wonder if their bodies were different than modern Homo sapiens.

  • Pffft. What a tirade. You are full of nonsense. You’re also being whining and ridiculous, not to mention unbelievably rude. You don’t rent the server to host this site, do you? This is a raw vegan site. You knew it before you made the first post. No one is out to “get” the meat-eaters. Now, I realize that being a meat-eater, you’re apt to be paranoid and constipated, but whining isn’t going to help you make poopy.

    In addition, your arguments are ridiculous and uneducated. Blah, blah, blah, blah. You sound like an angry child. Why get upset when your intention was to stomp your feet in the first place? You’re not new, here. It’s obvious.

  • I know I am going to be killed because of what I’ am about to say, but my thoughts are genuine.

    I’ll start saying that I’ve been a vegetarian all my life. My dad is now 84, and he has been a vegetarian too. I can totally see why people feel that it’s wrong to kill and sacrifice other animals to eat. However, it’s also true that killing other species for food, as keelamwri mentions, is rather ubiquitous in nature. The moral rules that we human have and tried to impose to others do not hold true in the wild. Right? Wrong? There is no such a thing in nature. Sibling baby birds pushing each other out the nest, mothers eating their own babies, females eating males, etc. there are probably thousands of examples of this kind of behavior in nature.

    However, given the physiological human characteristics (we look much more like a primate than like tiger, for example) I am inclined to think that we are meant to be vegetarians, meaning that we should eat mostly veggies an fruits and some protein on the side such as insects, small rodents perhaps. Now killing a cow would be a little bit of a stretch, in my opinion.

  • No, rawlizard, what you say is absolutely true. Carnivores must kill animals to survive, but people were meant to be vegetarians, so we shouldn’t eat meat. However, other animals do, which is completely natural.

  • Tomsmom wrote: “Pffft. What a tirade. You are full of nonsense. You’re also being whining and ridiculous, not to mention unbelievably rude. You don’t rent the server to host this site, do you? This is a raw vegan site. You knew it before you made the first post. No one is out to “get” the meat-eaters. Now, I realize that being a meat-eater, you’re apt to be paranoid and constipated, but whining isn’t going to help you make poopy.

    In addition, your arguments are ridiculous and uneducated. Blah, blah, blah, blah. You sound like an angry child. Why get upset when your intention was to stomp your feet in the first place? You’re not new, here. It’s obvious.”

    Wow, sounds like you’re describing yourself, Tomsmom. Why don’t you try to disprove what keelamwri said instead of just throwing insults.

    keelamwri – Been eating meat for the last couple months. I was 100% raw vegan for 6 months before that, but after I saw Gabriel Cousens talk about B12 , that scared teh crap out of me, so I went back to one of my favorite foods (sashimi), and I’ve never felt better.

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