Low fat/sodium, high protein/fiber?

Do any of you follow a raw vegan diet like this?

I feel best when I do, however I cannot seem to get enough protein. I really do best when I have a high amount of protein daily. I have hemp and brown rice protein, but that would get really boring.. I need something else. When I just do the protein powders I feel like something is missing when I eat only fruit, salads and occasional kombucha/kimchi..

I do NOT feel good when i have high amounts of fats however. I get bloated, uncomfortable, lethargic, my skin breaks out, I feel depressed and life just sucks. I gain weight very quickly when eating high fats [uh.. obviously].

I have searched the site for a bit looking for crackers/breads that do not have nuts or seeds in them [no flax or nut/seed butters either]. I don’t really use oil, so that’d be out too. I haven’t really stumbled across any though.

I feel like it’s probably impossible to have dehydrated foods while being high protein/low fat. :[ I don’t want to be constantly eating dehydrated foods, but I’d like to find such recipes so I can enjoy them without feeling gross.

Any responses greatly appreciated! Thaaaaaanks!


  • I love protein as well. Before going raw, I would eat giant egg white omelets for dinner. Right now I’m getting most of my protein from powders too. Today I spouted some lentils, and they are very filling. They taste strange to me, so I’m looking for recipes to mask their flavor.

  • It’s been mentioned on here that the Raw Power protein shakes are supposed to be pretty good. That might be another option for you.

  • !!!! I didn’t realize anyone had responded to this, it must have slipped out of view before i could see the replies. Thanks lionmouse and nuttgirl!

    Lionmouse, I think sprouted lentils taste very straange.. i don’t really care for them at all. I’d eat them if i could find a decent way to mask the flavor/maybe texture…

    I guess I’ll just continue experimenting and see what happens.

    Does anyone here basically eat no nuts/seeds/oils at all?

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