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Hi, so, I’m new to the raw diet. I run a great deal and am already noticing major benefits in my endurance and energy on 10-15 mile runs. Wonderful!

Here’s the thing though—should I just forget about having dense stool ever again? What are the foods that keep poop together and bound? Because whatever those foods are, apparently I’m not getting them.

Any candid advice will be appreciated.

And stop laughing.



  • Haha I experienced the same thing for the first few months! It did go back to normal though. Don’t worry, it’s probably no big deal. I think it’s happens because all of the sudden you’re getting alot more fibre and water than your body is used to (do you get alot of greens and fruit?), resulting in well, very loose BMs. Good luck with this, and I hope you get back to normal soon!

  • Thanks, Katherine. Although you did laugh—so I make the sign of the devil at your picture. Yes, my meals tend to be be variations on peaches, peppers, cucumbers, almonds, strawberries and apples all sliced up and eaten—sorry—with a lot of water and a double shot of espresso. If this is temporary, cool, I won’t worry. But I do worry about that age-old stereotype about vegetarians and gas—God’s way of isolating us even more—and if anyone can advise on this, other than the usual ginger, I would appreciate that too.


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Oh good, I thought it was just me! I’ve been eating raw for over 4 years and I still have soft stools, just more of them!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I felt better when my poop was more loose; I have been a little dehydrated lately, so not as good, but it’s getting better. As for the gas/smelliness, the more cleaned out your body is & the more green foods/juices you have, the better. Chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants) is a natural internal deodorizer. It helps with B.O., too, but both B.O. & smelly gas are sometimes worse at first because your body is getting rid of the junk ;)

  • Sorry for laughing… I just find it funny that we’re all having pretty much the same issues with raw food. Another reason for thr soft stools may be the espresso- I used to be a coffee drinker, and immediately after my first coffee of the day, I would have a BM (too much info?). Aside from all the fiber (nothing to be sorry about!- fiber is a good thing!), it may be because you’re drinking water with your meals. I don’t know much about this, but I’ve heard a number of the raw “gurus” recommend waiting to drink water 30 mins after a meal… Again, not too sure if it’s legit, but it’s something to try, I guess.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    stools! i love talking about my stools! haha. they are huge. They amaze me 3 times a day. Like giving birth. And what makes me feel even mighty on my high horse is everyone at my work is a bunch of pebble pushers! They can make all the comments they want about my lifestyle, but they cant win, disease is in their blood.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    I heard David Wolfe say that if you drink water before a meal drink it with lemon juice. Something with the acid and aids digestion. If the water is too alkaline it can hinder digestion. Also for gas I read that if smelly aka putrid it could be from too much protein and/or undigested protein because of consuming too much. I use to clear a room pretty well back in the day.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    The main reason people suggest waiting to drink water until 30 min. or more after a meal is that the water dilutes the digestive juices & the food doesn’t digest well. I have heard 20 min. before or 30 – 60 min. after a meal, & the only water with the meal should be if you have meds/supplements that need to be taken with your meal. I have also read the thing about lemon water from David Wolfe. I forgot. I’ve never tried it, though, so I can’t say.

  • Thank you for your enthusiasm, Worley. And to you and Angie and Kat, thanks for all the info. I was apologizing, Kat, for the Espresso—which I refuse to give up—for now.

    Anyway, so far so good—hopefully things will go back to normal in time. I’m still quite amazed by the effect this is having on my running.

    I’m fortunate to live in So Cal where there are farmers’ markets and health food stores everywhere. A bit pricey, so I’ll have to figure that out, but again, this is really cool and more importantly, it feels right.

  • I had this conversation with a non raw co-worker. She is in awe of my eating habits, but says that if she ate the way i do she would never get off the john! Me , usually they are loose but still formed. I have never been very regular my whole life untill I began to eat raw. I am in awe of you people that go three times a day. I go usually one MASSIVE one in the morning. I count it as two regular poops. Sometimess I will go again a half hour after! But that’s it. None of this pooping after every meal. Oh well, I guess I get rid of it all at once! Does anyone think this kinda weird or am I normal?

    Your poopies will take form again! Just give it time. i don’t think they will ever be like hard or anything again, but i think that’s not a bad thing! Your fluid intake is alot higher on raw. So unless it’s the total runs, I wouldn’t be too concerned. For that matter, if it is watery runs, it could be detox. just keep an eye on it! Gas can be annoying, but when you get used to a new diet, it should subside. It’s only fun when you don’t have to leave the house!! :)

    Wow, that was fun, I feel like I am 4 years old again! My hubby gets totally FREAKED when I talk about my poo! I just tease him and call him a big baby!!

    Don’t worry, I am not laughing at you! ;)

  • Kathryintheraw if you happen to see this can you put some preparation on your lentil burger I want to make it but not sure how your went about making it .. IT has no directions on it.


  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    Hey zooey glass. being the active runner you are. how many calories do you consume a day? and from what?

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    The lemon stimulates the production of HCl, hydrochloric acid, used for digestion.

  • ardesmond2 that’s so weird that you can see the recipe… i didn’t publish it. i thought of the recipe one night and put it on here so i wouldn’t forget it. i made them a few days ago and they actually turned out REALLY bad (so i didn’t bother to publish the recipe). if i ever perfect it, i’ll put it up =)

  • Cherie, my cat’s name is pronounced Hey-Zeus. Worley, I don’t count my calories. I’m sorta following the Thrive diet by that triathlete whose name escapes me—who is also a raw foodie. Cherie, if you think you know my cat, and think he owes you money, forget it—you’ll never get a nickel.

    BTW, Cherie, that hyperlink/post on the poop was great; thank you.

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    Zooey Glass

    I am a marathon runner and new at the raw food thing. I was wondering what you recommend as the best pre and post run foods.


  • Hi, Green Girl. As I mentioned before, I am kinda following Brendan Brazier’s approach—which is to not sweat the small stuff in the beginning and just run, run, run and eat, eat, eat good, fresh food. As I don’t eat raw to lose weight, I’ve found that his approach most suits me (as opposed to most of the ‘diet’ books out there).

    I’ve pasted below a link to both his book at Amazon, and to a video by a rather aggressive host posted on youtube. Be careful though, they might convince you to relocate.

    Good luck!



  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    LMAO! I still take a really good probiotic—keeps things all together. Udo’s Choice.

  • this has to be the funniest sentence ever:

    from worleyhimself2: “stools! i love talking about my stools! haha. they are huge. They amaze me 3 times a day. Like giving birth. And what makes me feel even mighty on my high horse is everyone at my work is a bunch of pebble pushers!”

    I am always bragging to my brother about this. I compare mine to soft serve icecream LOL! – & speaking of poop.. my daughter didn’t even realize I had ‘went’ right before she walked into the bathroom! she said there was no smell!.. i’m noticing I’m not needing deodorant – but could unsmelly poop be possible? or way less smelly at least???

  • yeah. i’m having issues with my stool as well. it’s not too soft or hard, but i only have 1 BM a day. it’s always been like that, but i’m in my second week of raw and on my 3rd day of a natural cleanse system that basically is supposed to clean you out with fiber and thistle, but still only the one in the morning. what’s up with that? i thought it’s better if you go three times a day? i’m getting a lot of fiber with all of the foods i’m eating, bananas, pears, spinach, i’ve been smpling sifferent green smootie products like hemp and wheatgrass…i just don’t get it. it also makes me feel like the cleanse isn’t doing anything…

  • wow some people go three times a day? I only go once every few days. Maybe like every other day. And its usually not very big either.

    Is that bad? What should I change?

  • slosh-uh That is not normal, especially on a raw diet. A raw diet quickly flushes out all the wastes, a healthy ratio is 2-3 times+ a day. What do you eat in your diet? Lots of fruit is the key and a few other supplements help alot. If you eat alot of nuts compared to the amount of fruit a day, it will constipate you a little. I know it is weird that I know this stuff because I’m 12, but what can i say. shrugs Hope this helps.

  • I recognize my stools to be much firmer if I put psyllium husk in my smoothies or juice once a day. Sometimes I don’t even have to use paper (I do, but there’s nothing on it :-) BUT, I’m not raw – so it might just be an illusion. But I’ve been having “problems” with my stools for years, not being regular and not firm and a little here and a little there, haha, but really, I think it might be the psyllium husk. Might be worth a try?

  • And a little comment about how many times a day is “normal” – I believe that the less poop we poop – the more of the food is actually taken up by our body. So as long as you don’t feel constipated or bloated or whatever, I would think it’s a good sign?

  • I take psyllium husks capsules! Yes, that helps alot.

  • When I was going raw I was staying with my aunt and uncle who had been raw for quite some time (I really can’t remember how long.. I guess old age is finally starting to get me, dang it!) Anyways they’d ask me a million questions everytime I walked out of the bathroom.. did you poo? What did it look like? Did it smell? Did it float or sink? What color was it? and so on and so on… My first thought: What the..? Are these people serious? I don’t even look at whatever just came outta my butt much less give it so much attention as to have answers for these questions… However after a month of raw I noticed (I was curious a couple of times and decided to give the ‘ole bowl a look-see) and I had something that resembled a cross between soft-serve ice cream and Butterfinger (I guess it’s a good thing I don’t eat those anymore cause I think I would have just made myself give them up! Sorry folks if that was TMI)

    Anyways I’ll stop blabbering here and get to a point (of some sorts) if you feel good and you don’t feel like your “giving birth everyday” (still laughing at that one!!) I think that whatever your poo comes out like is not a problem as long as it comes out! Trust that your body knows what it’s doing and it’ll do it in the best way possible.

    oh and by the way I totally cracked up about the “if you know my cat and he owes you money” too funny!!

    Good luck and happy pooing!!! K-Mom

  • I love this topic… I’m wiping tears from my eyes right now…ow, my sides hurt… ;o)

  • Yes, that is way too far apart. It needs to be 2-3 times a day. If you are not at this stage, go to www.herbdoc.com and purchase the 5 day bowel detox. It is intestinal formula #1 taken to make you unconstipated and get regular BM. Then #2 to completely clean out your colon. Also, I get no money for saying that.

    Also though, I find that if I do not have at least 2 quarts of water everyday, I do not have good BM.

  • If you order a free catalog from www.herbdoc.com, I believe Dr. Schulze has a little article in there (or he did last I know, I do not know if its still there) called, “so what is a good poop anyway?” He talks about it.

    It should be light brown and the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Now this is kindof disgusting. Satnam, you need to start eating more raw foods and drinking more water if you are not drinking enough. Your stools sounds way too dry.

  • ”#2 to completely clean out your colon” LOL. no, but i do get a BM regularly and it’s not forced or hard, but i don’t go more than nce a day, and this is my second week raw and i’m in the middle of a natural cleanse (one where you take fiber pills, milk thistle, and natural laxatives at night and where you eat normally- raw in my case now) and that hasn’t changed my BM’s…weird.

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