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Site loading too slow for my computer

Hey Kandace and Ray – After months of enjoying this site, I’m now finding it impossible to use and view because of the loading time. I don’t know if it’s because of the heavier traffic or if it’s just my Mac, but everything I try to view loads soooo slowly that I’m about to give up. I know very little about computers – so I don’t know if there’s an easy way to solve this from my end. I haven’t noticed anyone else mentioning a problem so maybe it’s just me, but as it is, I can’t use the site because of the time involved. I’m so thankful to have found it, but I only have so much time available for computer time. Any ideas?



  • It loads way too slow for me sometimes, too! especially if I’m using one of the cheap computers at my college, then it hardly even works. I wonder why it runs so slow sometimes?

  • Tiz slow for me too since the updates.

    Blessings x

  • roxiroxi Raw Newbie

    I second that! Ugh…it is frustrating trying to view pages. And sometimes it gives me the page cannot be displayed error. I view this website, both from work (windows) and at home (mac) and have issues both places.

  • Tiz slow for me too since the updates.

    Blessings x

  • Yeah, I guess that’s my department, but I’ve never really been able to figure out why sometimes it’s so slow. Usually, when I look, it’s really fast. Sometimes I notice slowness, and “work some magic” to make it fast again. However, I haven’t found any pattern to it, and I’m still looking.

    Sorry that it’s reduced the usefulness of Gone Raw for so many of you. I can assure you that if I figure out a way to fix it, I most certainly will!

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    Thanks Ray, it’s much appreciated! I get the “Something has gone wrong” page alot lately. At first I thought it was my computer but I also get it from other locations. The trouble seems to have started after the last upgrade.

  • Ray – thanks, don’t mean to criticize, it’s fantastic in so many ways. If it was just a little slow I would wait it out because it’s worth it, but it’s almost to the point that it takes so long that I actually don’t have time to use it and communicate.

  • I’m so glad to see that this isn’t a problem with My computer! I was really getting worried cuz every day it seems to be getting worse – slower loading pages. Thanks Ray for working on this as this site is, pretty much, the one and only raw site I rely on. Every three days I prepare food and use Goneraw as my recipe book – always trying something new. Thanks again and looking forward to a zippy site!

  • This might help too, Ray. When I tried posting my comments to this thread the system gave me the “Something has gone wrong” message. So, I resent it and got the same message. Walked away, came back and both attempts were posted. Having worked in the computer industry, I understand how the more systemic problems you know about the easier to identify the core issue. Cheers

  • I’ve really noticed this too. With me it seems to happen most often in the evening and I thought maybe it was due to heavy traffic. I’ve gotten really frustrated with it sometimes and had to give up, which I don’t like doing because this has been my favorite raw site for quite a while now. Glad to hear the problem is being looked in to.

  • Lots of times when it’s slow I will get the “Sorry something went wrong” page. Which just happened a minute ago.

  • Yep, I JUST got another “Something has gone wrong” message. It seems like when I open a bunch of different gone raw pages at once that happens a lot more… but if I only open one or two it usually works fine.

  • Hey Ray, I hope you’re out enjoying the day, it’s beautiful here this Saturday morning, but for future reference, I’m on my husband’s laptop (wireless) and it took 2 minutes to open this forum and then I got the “Sorry” message so I had to retry. I’m not giving up yet, though!

  • ZoeZoe

    It is all a bit slow for me too, just been like this yesterday and today. Especailly when I leave a comment it takes foever to put it on the page.

  • has it happened to you that you’ll be writing to make a comment and suddenly it’ll go to an error page and your comment is lost?

    yes, and SLOWWWWWW… is this because there are too many of us now?

  • Jepp, slow here, too. Hope you can fix it. Love this site!

  • Jepp, slow here, too. Hope you can fix it. Love this site!

  • Site is so slow I want to throw my laptop against the wall! Fixie soon pleaze! :)

  • Yep – slow for me too – has been for about a week. I am reluctant to complain because this is such a fantastic site and Ray and Kandace offer it free of charge. But, it has been slow – just reporting.

  • Same here. Hate to moan but I guess I enjoy this site so much I hate to wait…and wait….and…...

  • Same here. Hate to moan but I guess I enjoy this site so much I hate to wait…and wait….and…...

  • Same here. Hate to moan but I guess I enjoy this site so much I hate to wait…and wait….and…...

  • Just thinking this morning if I added the time up it took to get something to come up and post—AAARGH! It’s too bad b/c our newbies could really use the info—just can’t wait for it to turn over anymore!

  • It’s better today, the slowness, but it is really frustrating all the slowness. I used to be able to visit this site when I was in a rush, now I have to have a lot of time. i wonder why this suddenly starts happening.

  • This happens to me also, I just keep trying at different times. It is frustrating when you have only a few minutes and want to get caught up on things.

  • jsorensens2jsorensens2 Raw Jr. Superstar

    Today, Sun Apr 27, it’s fine again. Has been very slow for the week before though. Glad to have the speed back! Thanks for all the hard work Ray. We really appreciate it.

  • Yeah! Site fast again! Ray, did you do something? If so, it is working! ;)

  • Thanks for letting us know – Ray went in and worked a little magic!

  • yay!!!!

  • It’s too slow for me, too, and I’m on a super high speed internet connection. It’s definitely the site, not your computer. I think it depends on when you connect. Sometimes it’s just fine.

    You know all those duplicate and triplicate posts, like Marichiesa’s and Northernlights’ in this thread? It’s because the site loaded so s l o w l y the poster pressed ‘save reply’ more than once.

    It’s a great site. I wish the host server worked better.

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