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Raw New Yorkers?

I live in NYC, which is a big, big metropolitan area with all types of people. I have yet to meet someone with a raw diet or anything resembling a raw diet. I have just started my raw diet, and my friends don’t really understand. They make fun of me and think I’m weird. Is there anyone in NYC that can make me feel less like an outsider?


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i live in the suburbs (connecticut)... but there are LOTS of raw vegans in nyc. have you been to bonobo’s or pure food and wine?

    also, try meetup.com for raw pot-lucks in NYC. i’d actually like to try some. i don’t know any raw foodists either.

  • Yes! I am a Manhattanite who also feels like a raw outsider. I would be happy to speak with you. Check out my website www.bodylinkspeechtherapy.com. My email address is there.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    you’re SO lucky to be in NYC! i simply LOVE the raw restaurants. i met so many sweet, wonderful people in NY at the raw restaurants.

    there are raw events (see the events section of giveittomeraw.com) for some nyc events. and the nyc meetups page. there are so many raw foodists, i’m turning green from jealousy (and kale).

  • Thanks so much! I have heard of Pure Food & Wine, but it is expensive for me right now! Bonobo’s looks great, I will try it soon. I am excited to try this restaurant Quintessence that is right around the corner from my apartment in East Village. It is a finer quality restaurant that says they have “life food.” But I’m not sure if it’s all raw or not. I know there is a lot of rawness in NYC, I just have to discover it!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Go Red Sox!!! OK…just kidding. Bonobos was my fav. when we were in NYC 2 weeks ago—2 locations now—we went to the one on 23rd and broadway/Madison merge.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    rawnessrox—yes, pure food is definitely a splurge. it’s also a little too heavy for me, so i’ve vowed to only go back for dessert (go have a salad at bonobo’s maybe?). their sundae is OUT OF THIS WORLD. and what i really love about the place is the ambience… sitting outside in their courtyard is just wonderous!

    i’ll check out the giveittomeraw events page winona thanks! lol. kale. ;)

    mon46—i would think in your profession there would be a lot of raw fooders… weird.

  • i live in nyc and just went to high vibe in the east village yesterday. It’s on east 3rd between 1st and A and it’s CHOCK FULL of great stuff! have fun!

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I wish i lived closer to NYC… i live up in Syracuse and trust me, if you feel like an outsider in NYC, try coming to Syracuse and living as a raw foodist!

  • HI rawnessrox – I’m in the suburbs of Long Island. I think there are a lot more raw vegans around NYC than you realize! Definitely look into the meetups. My husband and I went to Quintessence last month and loved it. Great food, all raw. You will love it! Pure, Food and Wine IS a splurge, but I loved it. We went last month also and are going again tonight. Taking my sister out for a congratulatory dinner – her first raw food restaurant as well. I can’t wait to see how she likes it. Pianissima – OMG that sundae IS out of this world. I can’t wait to order it tonight. I loved their lasagna also.

  • akaauburneyes: we are going tonight too LOL…see you there! do you need a reservation?

  • We made a reservation because we have a big table (4 or 5). We made one last time also and it seemed like you could have gotten away without it. You can make them online through the website or call. They are very nice there. Ours is for 6pm. What time are you going?

  • edited March 2016

    I live in Ct. The resteraunt I work at is partially raw, mostly vegan, and all vegetarian… Alchemy juice bar cafe in Hartford. It’s not too hard to meet raw people there, such as myself… :)  Have a sparkley day!!

  • I first got into raw foods when I lived in NYC. You will find fellow raw foodists! Especially in the East Village. Check out Caravan of Dreams on 6th…I think between 1st and A, or A and B.

  • nycgrrl – how did you like Pure Food and Wine? My sister kept asking “are you sure there really isn’t cheese in this? it tastes like real cheese …” It was so cute :)

  • I live partly in NYC and a knew a good deal of people with all different diets and life style changes the city is what helped me actually all my jersey friends think I’ve been a freak since age 9 when I decided to be a vegetarian though many have become that now. Coasts are the places to live for adventurous people seems the west is a bit ahead of us with it’s changes though sadly. Actually I even know a few amazing raw food places in the city. I don’t have many raw foodie friends and I’m newas well but I know so many places if I was daring a could make some.

    Don’t fret you are not at all an outsider

  • SueSue

    nyc & akaa, Were you at pure food on friday?? I was there too. I was sitting up in front with my daughter. Too funny! I love that place but it’s a little tough on my wallet..lol

  • Thanks everyone for your wonderful NYC suggestions! I didn’t know there were so many great places right in my neighborhood where I could go to get great raw food! I’ve even found a couple on my own that aren’t so expensive.

    Lifethyme on Sixth ave is very convenient for raw food. Everything is clearly labeled “raw” and “vegan” etc. It’s great food too! Not expensive.

  • Thanks everyone for your wonderful NYC suggestions! I didn’t know there were so many great places right in my neighborhood where I could go to get great raw food! I’ve even found a couple on my own that aren’t so expensive.

    Lifethyme on Sixth ave is very convenient for raw food. Everything is clearly labeled “raw” and “vegan” etc. It’s great food too! Not expensive.

  • Carrie6292, I live in Syracuse too! I was soooo hoping that you knew where to find some young coconuts!!!! I recently moved here from Raleigh, NC and I so wish I could have brought Whole Foods with me. Or at the very least any natural foods stores better than what they have here. We should have potlucks together…I have a 2 y/o son and 4 y/o daughter!

  • Hi Sue, I was there, against the wall, close to up front! With my husband, my sister, and a friend. We did the tasting menu. It was great!!!

  • SueSue

    AKAA, I had to be there the same time as you. There were only 4, 2 person tables where I was sitting. I was in the 3rd one from the wall, right in front of the front window. I was facing the street and my daughter was facing the dining room. Maybe next time?? I go there once every couple of months. You were probably right behind me on my right.

  • Carrie6292 and rawmama2…hey there fellow Syracusians! There goes my theory that I am the only rawist in this area! ha! And you guys have kids too! Yippee! I have a 2.5yo and 3.5yo daughters…anyone interested in chatting?

  • yea i’m a raw food vegan living in the east village as well. just moved into the area in feb. there are definitely a lot of options in the neighborhood be it health food stores or restaurants.

  • saratksaratk Raw Newbie

    Hi Rawness…I live in Astoria and am in my 2nd week of the Raw Food Detox Diet. This bdness be HARD to stick to when going out with friends, it’s more expensive than a SAD, it’s causing me to break out like crazy, and requires lots of creativity and initiative to make an interesting daily menu but…I feel good about making the transition and could also really use a support group! Maybe we should start a Raw Food meetup on www.meetup.com?

  • VonVon

    If you live in NYC, you HAVE to go to Jill’s on Court Street in Brooklyn. Its on Court St. and Baltic St. They make the BEST chocolate caramel tart-bites. The Lasagna is also highly recommended. Before I went 600% raw, I would enjoy a gently cooked wild rice and steamed spring veggies with a curried yam sauce.

    They do Raw and Gently cooked, all Vegan and Organic. Its a beautiful location as well!

  • You have to go to http://www.jubbslongevity.com/

    That is a place on the lower East Side of NYC that I passed on the way back to the car after a great meal at Quintessence.

    The place was closed, the door was locked. I just tested my luck by knocking on the door and seeing if somehow I could get in. Dr Jubb himself came to the door, welcomed my girlfriend, my mother, and I inside and inundated us with all types of raw foods, all of which follows food combination rules and some of which is the best imitation of non-raw that I have ever tasted (though I don’t require good imitation, just good taste). He gave us at least 5 samples of all kinds of stuff and I ended up buying cake. You will not be disappointed.

  • yes the food at Jubb’s is good, but the beef that I have with them is the service is sometime subpar. there are times where i’ve been the only one in the store and it took 3-5 minutes for someone to take my order. with that being said i still order from there and enjoy the food.

    is anyone going to the New Life Expo next weekend?


  • Saratk,

    This sounds like a great idea! I’ve never heard of this website, do you belong to it?

    The 2nd week is the worst with the raw detox!! I got so sick!

  • CanarsieBK,

    I’m thinking about buying a weekend pass to the New Life Expo this weekend. It sounds great!

  • Rawnessrox – got my tix yesterday. if you or anyone else that reads this winds up goin, hit me up. we should meet up.

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