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  • I think you posted this topic twice, cuz I responded to it earlier today. You can delete one by choosing “edit” and then “delete post” – if you want it to come up to the top of the list again so people notice it, it will do that every time you reply to it (or anyone else does). The Maine Sea Coast brand has been recommended in raw food books, I believe.

  • ZoeZoe

    HI smithie!

    I wrote the dead food list with my husband. We live in the UK so we’re not familiar with what’s avaliable over there. We find that if you look at most packaging there’s a customer care phone number or website, we just contact companies all the time and ask them if their stuff has been heated. I don’t think anyone we have contacted has ever not given us the info we wanted. I think the more people ask maybe one day the message will get through to them about raw food!!

    I know Juliano sells raw nori on his website, but maybe that is at an inflated price coz it is him selling it? I would think that if the Maine Sea company specifically state it is ok for raw foodists that it is. The problems I had with the brand I used to use was that raw food websites were selling it as raw, so I thought it was OK, but when I called the manufacturer about it they said it wasn’t. I did tell the raw food website that was selling it, they changed the wording of their description but they still sell it!

  • I’ll post it here, too. I don

  • smithie03—another thing to consider is that your taste and appetite will change with this diet over time. so don’t get too worried about where all your dried fruit is going to come from… you might not like it that much in a month. get everything you can REALLY raw, and your body will start changing in amazing ways.

    if you have a dehydrator that’s a really easy way to make your own too… and you can be sure it’s raw.

    maine sea coast veggies have some raw items, some non-raw, but they are specified, so you have to be sure you check.

    i agree with zoe about calling the company. really easy and they don’t mind at all!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    a local farmer here in washington dries their own fruit. it is so delicious and i have to have lots of plums and apricots right now for iron (because they are not in season i cannot get them fresh). dried fruits from the store are disgusting in comparison to their stuff. anyhow, i plan to dehydrate some of my own stuff this summer, but in the meantime I do like to have some raisins around. which brands do people recommend?

  • has some hunza raisins that are out of this world! and really raw – they have seeds, though, so if that is a problem… for me it’s an inconvenience that I’m happy to work around cuz the raisins are sooooo good!

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