Water Ionizers

We have been manufacturing and distributing Alkaline Water Ionizers to Doctors and the public for 12 years. addresses many health issues and is the healthiest water available. Many years of advanced medical and scientific research have produced these high quality machines that are classified as “medical substance providers” by the government of Korea . [url=http://www.lifeionizers.com]LIFE Ionizers [/url]first filters the water through one external and two internal filters, then ionizes and alkalizes tap water so that it is the best alkaline or ionized or kangen water available. The alkaline drinking water has exceptional hydrating qualities; the ability to deliver nutrients more efficiently at the cellular level; and detoxifies the cells …this is due to the fact that it creates micro-cluster water. This means that instead of clusters of 13+ molecules clustered together, you generate clusters of 5 to 6 and your water clusters, being much smaller, are now much more efficient and effective. The [url=http://www.lifeionizers.com]LIFE Ionizer [/url]also generates Ionized water with the highest anti-oxidant qualities of any machine tested and this creates an abundance of negative ions created by this ionization process. These negative ions neutralize free radicals which are known to contribute to aging and disease and they also energize the body.

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