Anyone in Kent, UK?

Hello all. I


  • Hello Healthywoman,

    I’m not far from you at all, just down the road near Bromley. I’m new to all this but want to change me and my familys lifestyle for health reasons. Me and the husband are both overweight and the children can always do with being healthier. I saw a program on Rawists the other night and really want to give it a go. It’s going to be a long journey.

  • Hi Keaniebean, Hey, let’s keep in touch. We can encourage each other. Also, I’m trying to gather a group of Kent people to form a sort of raw food email ring. And maybe eventually all meet up to say hello. Are you interested? My email address is

    p.s. I love your tree logo. I love trees.

  • That would be great. I’ll email you my with my email adress. I think my journey to raw could be a long one.!!!

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