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15 Days All Raw


  • love your login name! I almost chose ‘dairyqueen’ as my login. of course it was for the fact that breastmilk is the healthiest and most complete raw food ever. my one year old is so lucky – she doesn’t have a worry and lacks nothing

    The best to you – have a great time with your next 15 days.

  • Hey, I think we are on the same page. We both haven’t been able to do 30 days. I think trying for 15 is a much more reasonable idea….I’ll think that one over. I’m tired of promising to do these challenges and then disappearing.

    And both of us have no idea how to make this site notify you either…lol

  • Select the “watch topic” that is at the top of each thread.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i’m going for the 30 but good luck!!!

  • hey, feel free to come on over to the 30 day blog even if you’re only planning on 15-that’s cool! we’d love to have more supportive folks-kumbayah!

  • Thanks for all the encouragement. I had another great raw day today. Green smoothies and all!

    Bananna—I know what you mean. I’ve been a check-in drop out before too (never with exercise, but often with eating). If you want to join me, though, that would be great.

    NYCgrrl—If no one else joins me by the end of the week, I’ll come see what your 30 day group is like. Thanks for the invite.

    Envirogenny—Thanks for the tip. I didn’t see that option when I originally posted, but it’s up there now. I’ll see if it works!

  • Awesome! Great job!!! Keep it up! We’re all here supporting you!

    Cheers, Kristen Suzanne



  • Thanks Kristen! I’m still going strong. I love it when it’s easy like this. For some reason, it’s harder for me in the fall and winter—perhaps because I love to bake when it’s cold. But for now, I’m happy with my green smoothies, ample supply of fruit and raw fudge. Very happy!

    I still can’t get any e-mails about this thread being posted to. I’m not sure why. It shows it’s being “watched” up above and in my profile. Do others get e-mail updates?

    Also, Kristen, how did you get your signature on your post? I don’t see any spot for that on My Profile area.

  • I’m still thinking it over, by the time I’m ready you’ll probably be done, lol….I am getting to the point where I really really want to though.

  • I hope you do. It does take a mind-shift to really make it work, but I think I’ve found it this time. This day completes week 1 and I feel great! No regrets or longings at all (and I’ve lost 5 pounds—that’s always fun :))

  • To check on your Monitored Topics . . . go to My Profile. Click on MONITORED where it says VIEW ALL / MONITORED POSTS. Postings to the topics you are watching are listed beginning with the most recent entry. I find the listing a little cumbersome, so I usually check the individual topics I’m watching from the list in the upper right corner. Hope this helps.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    NonDairyQueen, just spent some time reading your blog. I think you are amazing!

  • oh hey, I am a mom of 6 too! ...must be destiny, lol.

  • Thanks for the information emtpdmom… sounds like they don’t do any e-mail notifications, but there is some system for finding what threads we’re monitoring. You’re right—that list is cumbersome (and a bit confusing all fused together).

    Bitt—Thanks for reading my blog. I just love to write whenever I get a chance. It’s nice to know someone besides my mom is reading it :).

    Banan—How fun! All the more reason for us to stay raw, huh? Needing that energy and eternal optimism that eating raw gives. I love that I don’t need nearly as much sleep too.

    I’m still doing great eating raw. I’m surprised it’s been over a week now and I’m not tempted by cooked food at all. The usual things that trip me up (popcorn, waffles, bread) aren’t calling to me at all. Just wonderful!

  • I’m starting tomorrow by the way. :)

  • Oh good! How do you prepare to do it? I have to have plenty of food in the house so I don’t reach for something I shouldn’t. It also has to be a day that I’m not gone too much so I won’t resort to buying a Clif bar at the store or something.

    I’m still doing great. I’m about to bake bread for my family, which would usually be pretty tough to resist, but I think I’ll be fine. I just ground up the wheat. Love that smell!

  • I told myself I couldn’t have any sprouted wheat today because I was on a weight-loss streak last week and slowed to a halt after a few days of crackers and berry bars. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I’m headed down to L.A. to be on an exercise infomercial next week (w/Beachbody) and would like to lose a few more by then if I can. The workouts really do give results, but eating is a big factor for me too (has been especially since I hit my 40s).

    So we’ll see if this helps. I relied on lots of fruit, a green smoothie, and some nuts. I ate the last two fudge balls I had. Thankfully my cacao order came in the mail today.

  • I just wanted to pop in and say it’s nice to see someone else with so many kids here! I have 6 as well. Where do you get your cacao? I think I am going to order online because my health food store is a good bit away. Crystal

  • There’s a few of us here with lots of kids….it’s always a good time. : ) how’s everyone doing?

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