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psychedelics and pot

sorry if this has already been a topic on here (I’m kinda new), but I was curious if any of you raw foodies experiment with drugs?



  • LOL I see people will more then likely shy away from this topic. Just to let you know how RAW and drugs works to save you the time and hassle. When you go Raw whether it be 80% or 100 % you will need to take in account that your body will be working and absorbing at a much higher rate then when eating a SAD diet which is mostly just drugs disguised as food. In my world pot is more of a god given thing so I dont’ really lump that into the drug category, as for Alcohol and other drugs which I think is maybe wrong to mention in this forum should be abstained or taken out of your life altogether, WAY TO TOXIC not to mention RAW makes you vibrate at such a high level that drugs will seem like such a dranier.

  • Drugs…I see no problem with occasional pot use, but personally I’m far too interested in my health to use. Drugs scare me. They have no part in my life. It seems like a contradiction to eat Raw and do drugs. The same with alcohol, although I do occasionally have some of my husband’s wine.

  • I like to indulge myself every now and then in a little vegan organic wine (yum!), although my tolerance is soooo low now that one glass and I’m set for the night. If I happen to be around pot, then I’ll take a couple of hits and enjoy that. And, should I stumble across anymore shrooms, I’d love to take those again. I’ve always felt so connected to the earth when tripping, and all of my best trips have occurred out in nature… I’m so curious to see how I’ll feel now that I’m raw.

  • ardesmond2 – love the pic – makes me want to run out to the garden now. :D

    Regarding artificial highs – besides the occasional glass of wine (maybe 4 times a year), I really can’t be bothered. I believe it’s a personal preference – none of my business – but I don’t allow it in my house and I don’t go to places/parties where it is used. Live and let live. Peace, Karuna.

  • I also do not put pot or shrooms in the same mental category as other, chemical drugs. They are plants, and so I don’t shy away from them. I have done other drugs but I am pretty sure they are out of my life. Its not worth the money or the eventual, terrible comedown. I haven’t smoked or drank since going raw, but I think I will do both in moderation. I’m only 19 and I have a lot of fun left to have… LOL. But, as Karuna said, live and let live. I’m not going to pressure anyone into doing anything and I’m not going to let someone’s opinion stop me from doing what I feel is acceptable in my life.

  • KARUNA thanks… You know how people say ” he/she is a drug head” well I am a “vegHEAD” I really do get a mental high going to farm on Saturday and leaving with a huge duffle bag of fruits and veggies for the week.

  • I drink occasionally but haven’t really wanted much since going raw. Probably because I like salty junk food along with my alcohol. haha. I don’t use drugs and haven’t ever been interested so I guess that’s not really relevant for me to comment on.

    ardesomnd2-I get that same high. Nothing like fresh food to keep things happy

  • the biggest problem I have with drugs, is the purchase of them. You just don’t know who was hurt killed or exploited in the process of growing/ shipping/ selling. I have relatives that are completely at the mercy of their addictions, and keep going back and forth in the struggle to stay off them. Their drug abuse causes them to lie, lie lie to the ones they love. That being said, I don’t really have a problem with marijuana, if it is grown yourself for home use. Also, the act of putting smoke into your lungs is very destructive, so I guess making a tea from it would be the most optimal way… or in raw dehydrated brownies! It should be a special occasion kind of thing though… not an everday escape from reality

  • For all practical purposes, it is a real waste to try to make pot tea as THC is not very water soluble; however it does dissolve well into oils, especially when heated at temperatures that might disqualify it as raw.

    Those who want to save their lungs should make ghee from their weed.

  • The Melkweg (MilkyWay) in Amsterdam sells (or sold – I’m not sure if they do anymore) a pound-cake type of thing called Space Cake. It has (or had) hashish or marijuana in it…. It is legal there anyway
    For people who indulge they could perhaps, as chicory suggested, do their own raw-version at home….

  • I don’t use pot anymore, but psychedelics have been INSTRUMENTAL and phenomenal in my healing journey. They are POWERFUL tools and need to be treated with the utmost respect. I use them regularly as part of my shamanic training. I view mushrooms especially as beautiful plant teachers that put me into deep connection with the “Other.” They are like an old friend. I communicate with the plant itself and I treasure every experience I’ve had with them.

    I will say this; if not for mushrooms, I would not be RAW today, would not be writing my novel, would not be doing yoga everyday, would not be meditating, or dreaming, would not be healing myself and would probably be dead.

    The mushrooms are simply a catalyst for yourself. YOU do the real work inside, but without the catalyst, I simply would not be who I am today.

  • (oh and alcohol makes me totally crazy! So I usually avoid at all costs.)

  • MOTH When I was a teenager, I did mushrooms often (one year – very often). I could never understand the stories about people having negative trips or losing their minds. I have always been able to handle my high. Mushrooms make you feel like you are linked up to something else, like another dimension. It also magnifies your creativity.

    I have never been an alcohol drinker either because it’s a crummy high and it tastes nasty.

  • Meditating – I totally agree with you. Though I have lost my mind on mushrooms many times over. That is actually what I enjoy the most about them. If it’s happening, the key is staying in that golden rainbow center while “you” are melting away into nothingness…leaving only everything else.

    This can be unsettling or frightening or just plain crazy-terror-awesome when it happens if you’re not ready for it.

    Love it though. :-)

  • I have never tried mushrooms, but always wanted to. The opportunity and right company hasn’t really presented itself. I would love to hear more about your experiences, MOTH

    I am new to raw, but I do drink socially and have no intention of stopping. I generally only drink around twice a week anyway, and while I may get rather tipsy one of those days, it’s not stupid falling down drunk. I don’t see any fun in that. I’m a bit of a craft beer enthusiast, and like to sit and enjoy the complex taste of good ales and stouts like fine wine. I hardly ever drink hard liquor and am not much of a wine drinker, except maybe special occasions.

    I play Celtic folk music in an Irish pub once or twice a week, so pub culture is very much a part of my life. That doesn’t mean I have to drink, but I do enjoy it in moderation.

  • Branwyn – you are right to wait for the right opportunity. The value of set and setting cannot be underestimated, especially with your first experience. Being somewhere comfortable and safe is key. Mushrooms are NOTHING to be taken lightly; they are very powerful and can smear your soul across infinity, take you backwards through your life until you are an infant again, reexperiencing all of your karma from past lifetimes, astral traveling to other dimensions, etc. It is different for everyone; YOU are the trip, the drug is the catalyst. I like approaching them as a sacrement, a spiritual tool. Mushrooms help me dissolve my ego so that I can experience total Oneness with GOD and Spirit. My ego is very strong, so it requires me to constantly let go and surrender and flow into the experience – letting my life completely go to become something else entirely. Due to countless experiences with mushrooms, I now have come to apply the psychedelic experience to my own life – it’s the same thing: acceptance, surrender, let go, flow.

    There is a book called ‘The Psychedelic Experience,’ based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead that is awesome reading for any aspiring psychonaut. Be Here Now written by Ram Dass is also great to read and I give out free copies to people before.

    What’s amazing is that in recent times, scientists have once more begun researching the incredible tool of psilocybin (the active chemical in psychedelic mushrooms). In studies using the drug, they have found that it relieves cluster headaches and has provided healing for people who suffer from severe OCD. Mushrooms can help you rewire your own patterning; they can help you see that there are other ways to be other then how you are. I am OCD myself, which is probably why my spirit meshes so well with the mushroom experience. I have gotten MUCH healing from using them.

    They demand respect; but they are so healing I am very thankful.

  • Moth… I love be here now!! I take that book everywhere with me

  • I’m scared of drugs cuz I grew up in a family where there was drug abuse by some individuals, and believe me, it was no picnic and nor is it today. My relative’s offspring have also suffered the consequences. I know, no one’s speaking about ABUSE here. And most seem to refer to the natural forms of drugs. I once saved a guy from jumping off a rooftop in Amsterdam cuz the shrooms he ate made him think he was being chased by giant mammoths! Chemical drugs are really scary. Maybe my rough early experience with drugs (seeing the fights, abuse, theft) made me a bit of an extremist, but I agree entirely with “live and let live” as long as my space/health/happiness isn’t stepped on.

  • Carmentina – I am unfortunately no stranger to drug tragedies myself. :-/ Last year I was camping with some people and one of them, withdrawling from heroin unbeknownst to us, shot himself in the head, right in front of us. (Many of us were shrooming at the time – though he wasn’t; it was another pivotal experience in my life for me. It forced me up into a very very light state of awareness to cope with the darkness. I have since moved past it and become quite thankful for the experience because it accelerated my own spiritual growth about 10x over – necessary to cope.)

    About six months later, one of my good friends OD’d from heroin and died on New Years. This is harder to get past. I sense his spirit billowing around me on many occasions – especially in dreams.

    As for purely psychedelic trips that have gone dismal like what you are describing, I have not ever see anyone freak out to that degree, where they feel like jumping off a building. Even during the suicide trip I described, the shroomers kept their heads, stayed light, and supported one another through the intregration. All of us were deeply affected and changed, but we stayed calm and centered. Probably because I tend to trip with people who are very aware and conscious and INFORMED about what they put into their bodies. The heroin addict wasn’t shrooming; just withdrawling and decided to make his experience very very public to those of us who were.

    The key to using mind-altering drugs of any type is information. KNOW what you are taking, KNOW your body.

    If anyone wants more information on psychedelics, go to www.erowid.org for more info and research, research RESEARCH.

    Education is key to responsibility with these powerful substances.

  • Wow, Moth, what an experience. So sad. I guess that’s what scares me – the unknown element that could just maybe make you lose control. So many of our illuminaries have used mind altering substances to beautiful effects. Some have been plucked away at the their prime.

    Just be informed, careful, and mindful of your bodies, environment, and friends and never be neglectful.

  • Is there anyway to make “GHEE” without using butter GROSS>.......

  • ARDESMOND2 A saturated fat base works best, so I would think palm oil would do well.

    Nut butters make a good base but they don’t do well in a saucepan so the preferred method there would be to butter two pieces of bread or cookies, sprinkle the weed in between them like a sandwich, wrap in aluminum foil, place on a cookie sheet, and bake it. You want the temperature to be up for at least 20 minutes. It takes a while to find the right combo of the base, heat and duration heated. Expect to make mistakes until you get it right. Your health food store may carry something like chocolate hazlenut butter, which works well and is tasty.

    Be careful. When you smoke the THC it is delivered immediately and you can better monitor the duration of your experience. That doesn’t happen with this method and depending on how much THC you have extracted into your final product, the delivery could be 20 minutes to 2 hours. More importantly, once you perfect your method (fat base, heat, and heat duration) the high is almost always more intense and will last much longer.

  • if the oil never goes over 105 its still raw. Do you want to consume oils? That’s another story.

    I use to be an addict, straight edge now. I use to be a brewer, dealer, grower. None of the above now.

  • wtf?? hanoola, this is your first post and you can’t think of anyting better to talk about than drugs? Nice person. There are kids here who don’t need us adults to instruct them or encourage them to drug and drink.

    Good luck with that isopropyl alcohol. Some basic chemistry knowledge might help you from killing yourself.

  • Hm, that was rather disrespectful…

    Uh anyway… ardesmond2 brings up a great point, people who eat raw effectively operate on a “high level” every day, using a processed or conventional drug would really just be a downer…

    I think pot and mushrooms are naturally occurring plants and should be enjoyed by those who enjoy them :) \ Plus, ancient peoples used “psychedelics” (peyote, mushrooms, and various other mostly unknown plants that can cause hallucinations) thousands of years ago, and I think that all the practices of “ancient” man-kind should be observed and analyzed for modern relevancy….

  • hanoola, don’t even mess with the isopropyl alcohol man, that stuff is bad news. If you don’t use heat, I believe you don’t efficiently absorb THC, I could be wrong though…

  • i was so waiting for someone to write something disproving HAH


    id possibly heat coconut oil, put the weed in that and leave it for awhile, but keeping the coconut oil warm/hot and melted then strain the weed. im no expert though, thats just an idea.

  • making a tea out of psilocybin mushrooms is much easier on the body. also faster acting and less likely to cause nausea.

    pot is ok but not too often. if drinking, go with red wine organic no sulfites added.

    anything still in its whole food form is okay occasionally – ie chewing coca leaves, herbal teas, etc.

  • THC will be released if the MJ is soaked in high proof alchol for a few weeks, hack it up, put in bottle, shake every now and then. personally im not big on alchol and feel it affects the natural THC high. Totally raw, ie slapped inbetween two crackers, will not work, if you are eating it it has to be heated with an oil to release the thc which is why it works with cooking brownies, the oil in the brownie mix. Health wise a vapourisor is the best idea as it heats it enough to release the THC filled vapour but doesnt force you to inhale tar and smoke. when i am outdoors i have a 200 year old tiny mersham pipe. I also have enjoy and have no problem with peyote and mushrooms but would only recommend these to people who are looking for a spiritual high, trying to take these as party pieces will be likely to cause a bad trip, its about mind set and enviroment.

    “Herbs of the northern shaman”, my first book, has just been released at lulu and is a good guide through all the naturally occuring hallucinogenic plants in the northern hemesphire, just click the lulu link below if you would like to have a look

  • I used to party and did experiment but really I don’t like feeling like I’m out of control which drugs and alcohol make me feel like. I’ve found that I get a natural high off of living and don’t need to do things like that.

    I do shamanic journeys and have never found the need to do drugs, I enter in that state quite naturally and like the fact that I don’t need a drug to get there.

    But each person is different and I never throw stones as long as no one is hurting anyone. But you asked for my thoughts on being Raw and doing drugs and alcohol, after becoming raw, honestly I really have no need of it. I get such a high off of raw living and being who I am that there is no need.

    Now I do like a cup of Kava Kava now and again which is like smoking pot with out the paranoia. Just understand if you do Kava have a shooter ready cuz it tastes like DIRT and make sure the shooter is something that will give you some energy. Kava will put you to sleep faster than you say SNORE. You become very euphoric though from it and aware on such a profound level.

    I do socially drink wine or have a nice rich glass of Guinness now and again and find that my limit is much lower than it used to be. I really prefer not to drink much.

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