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Wonders of Goo?

Just wanted to see everyones take on this issue. I’ve read/seen sperm used for haircare : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxQzyEiJBVg

and for health :


Any of you guys/gals have experience with this? it kinda grosses me out, but if its really this healthy then its a no brainer.

And all of these years of my wife spitting it out and then reaching for evil vitamins every morning.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  • ewww. I am sorry but I think that is gross.

  • I’m certainly not putting any, well, you chose the word- “goo” in my hair (Something About Mary, anyone), and I am not about to start using it as a health supplement.

    (However, though currently I’m not involved with anyone, I was always taught that nice girls don’t spit.)


  • another troll?! come on folks…..

  • Uhmmmm is this only for women or are we saying that men should eat there “GOO” as well…

  • I’ll leave that too Mary. A bit of a strong hold for my fair hair.

  • it seems like we never used to have 2 deal with “trolls” now they are every where!:(

  • Raw -

    Here is a thread that has discussed one of the health benefits of “goo”.....http://www.goneraw.com/forums/3/topics/6391

  • thanks simplyraw! good info. i knew i wasnt the only one who thought about this :)

    emmie, you guys with your “troll” comments makes me think new members aren’t very welcome here…i hope that isnt the case..ive never much been into cliques…

  • ardesmond2 wrote : “Uhmmmm is this only for women or are we saying that men should eat there “GOO” as well…”

    well, Ive been really reading up on this since my original post and the facts are there…ounce for ounce, semen is a nutrition powerhouse…next time you splooge, you and your girl should be fighting over who gets it…

  • It is an animal product, so probably not a good choice for a vegan.

    However, if it is humanely harvested, I see no good reason to let all that nutrition go to waste just because it came from an animal.

  • mine are always harvested with lots and lots of love…..

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