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About my name

Some people have made comments that my name seems kind of condescending or something like that, but really it’s just a joke. It’s an adaptation of a line from the movie Spinal Tap, which is one of the greatest films of all time. Sorry if it pissed anyone off, because I really didn’t mean to. It’s just a parody name. Like Wierd Al Yankovic only less hairy and lame.


  • Mine is Beetboy because I like beetroot (lol) and I play drums. I’m pretty good at the drums. I have a red drum set.

  • None – you were the one who asked the garden question right? My friend asked me the same question… you are not alone if you were the one who asked. Anyhow, I don’t think my friend ended up doing it but he did find it a good idea if it were safe/sanitary.

    As for my user name – the raw dance because well 1. i am raw and 2. i am a dancer but 3. because i am using raw to help me dance on life not death : )

  • I picked my username because my van has a lot of paint missing! :)

  • Yes, I’m the one who asked the garden question. I knew that I would forever be associated with that stupid post! I wish I never made that thread. Oh well. Dancing’s cool.

  • I read that post. I really didn’t think it was that stupid of a question. It seemed fairly plausible to me! But I don’t know much about this stuff. I am here to learn.

  • Hey, Therawdance, are you the guy who was featured in the ABC 20\20 doc?

  • none- thought your name was great.

    oh i like finding out why people chose their names. mine is because i play piano and since i’m a girl, i thought it would be cute to change the musical term to its (as yet non-existent) feminine form.

  • None – I think your name is great too! Not offensive in the slightest.

    I chose mine because ever since I moved to the States from England back in middle school, everyone thought it was cute to call me ‘English’, like it’s original. It just sort of stuck. Even some of my friends do it too.

  • post deleted

  • Yah I didn’t find yer name offensive either Nonemoreraw! Mine is cause I want to be a writer and I write fantasy and poetry(so dreamin) and the raw bit was just tacked on as a last minute bit. I honestly think my name’s pretty lame so… :) I dunno why anyone would be offended by it but I guess some people are just more used to hostility regarding their lifestyle/choices just bc they live and eat differently from the average person today. It would be kinda offensive if someone were to come on goneraw and just poke fun. So I wouldn’t worry to much about it. They are really nice people! Cause if yer being genuine YOu know it and I guess that’s all that really matters.

  • You’re right Winona, and it’s blatantly obvious now. But anyone who has not made the connection by clicking onto their photos and reading the previous posts and comments that they’ve made to others would not know, and would think that THIS forum is just a sincere, innocent post.Troll is a word used to describe people who enter Blogs and post questions and/or leave comments that get people stirred up and cause confusion, or just plain waste people’s time. Or they do this for the purpose of mocking others and trying to make them reveal personal information or embarass themselves. They also try to invoke pity for themselves to disguise their intention. So when we say “DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!!!” that means to stop entertaining them, thereby giving them no reason to continue on with their antics.

  • This is strange. I’m being labeled a troll, and I’m not even the one going into every thread demanding that people do not talk to someone. I understand your concern though, Kendra. If it makes you happy, I’ll try to post much less from now on, and I won’t talk to Beetboy anymore, even though he’s the one following ME around and posting in all my threads and cluttering them up.

  • I chose mine because I want to be a better human and not eat meat.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    hehe i thought Grade A++ was cos you did really well at school ;)

    Dodo is because its a constant reminder of what happens when we over kill a species and dont look after our natural habitiats, extinction, from which there is no return, the other name i use is grimreefer but we dont need to go into that one ;)


  • I just noticed this thread and I think it’s great it gives an idea of the real person benind the name because we choose names that reflect our lire experiences.

    Mine was down to an incident involving my older step dad Ziggy. He made me a cup of tea once and went out to his allotment. I helped myself to a cup and joined him there. To cut a long story short after about 10 minutes he and I started to feel strange and as we were picking herbs from his herb garden I could hear them screaming tiny little screams. It was quite confusing at the time but he helped me back into the potting shed where we sat and listened to his Grateful Dead cd’s. Mum was cross when we got home but we just laughed and then went to the pub. I have a band called the screaming herbs now. We play music and I do the guitar and some singing. One day we will do a record and I will write a song about Gone Raw and play it for you all.

    What happened to NoneMoreRaw? I thought he was just OK once he had dropped his trying to be funny thing.

  • Wailing Woman is because I sing. Mostly opera and some strange original stuff.

  • I chose mmmorgans because 1. my name is Morgan and 2. I love zombies! mmmmmmmORGANS!!!

  • None More Raw, I always thought it was a pretty cool name and it never offended me in any way. Keep doing your own thing, man.

    Here is how I chose my name: Blue is my favorite color, and Azul means blue in Spanish. I wanted to honor both my Hispanic and (African) American Heritage .

  • I’m noebones, because I won’t eat anything with bones in it.

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