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Kandace, Ray, Moderators - Please Respond

We need you to moderate the forums – deactivate user accounts, now. Thank you!!



  • Hi Winona! I second that motion!

  • I third it in principle, although would not certain people just get new IDs and carry on anyway? poss case of better the devil you know (and then can just ignore!)

  • As you all know, we allow a immense amount of freedom on the board here. However, there are some very basic ground rules for interaction. Please take a look at our terms of use (especially under User Conduct). If you do see a post that goes against any of these, please send them to Ray or myself and we will be happy to take care of them and chat with the poster about their conduct!

  • Kandace, thankyou! I have only been here a few days but I find it great to be able to associate with people who have similar interests as me. I don’t get out and about much socially so when I started getting flamed by certain members around here for no apparent reason I was a little upset. It just shows how childish and raw some people really can be.

    Once again Kendace…..great site!

  • LOL That’s hilarious!

  • Kandance,

    Yes, I believe that No Bones has violated that Terms of Use. Please review the posts.


  • Noted! Thanks queenfluff for the link.

  • That is a bit strong queenfluff I agree but no swearing or profanity involved and no worse than you might hear on TV every night in this enlightened and increasingly tolerant world. Maybe if we had examples of what is unacceptable it might be easier for us newcomers to the raw lifestyle to comply without confusion. I think he may have just been trying to break the ice a bit after the recent confusion. It would be a bit unfair to dish out a punishment for a small slip like that. A bit of a raw deal if I can use the pun.

  • Kandance – Thank you for deleting that post! I know others won’t agree but I thought it was distasteful and offensive.


    How is that strong? That post was totatlly redundant and as a woman I honestly thought it was offensive. It is not a “Raw Event”. I dont want to read about someones rough raw sex with their wife. If it was meant to be a joke – it was in poor taste and definately in the wrong section – but I don’t think it was. (It says below each section what they are for).

    No sorry it was not a break the ice thing. Please read the other posts by this person. They are just trying to get attention. It is so obvious.

    I have been on here for many years and it is easy to spot the people who just want to post things for shock value and for attention. I am sorry if you don’t agree.

  • Wow….kinda sad we have this stuff happening on goneraw…


    To be honest I’ve been watching and waiting to see if this pitiful person gets the boot…but then again he’ll keep on coming back like a bad habbit until he gets bored and moves on…

    happy friday everyone, off to yoga :-)

  • It looks like we are in the middle of a troll takeover.I won’t be clicking on any links unless I “know” who they are coming from.

  • JoyceH- Wow! I was just looking at that too. I can’t believe I just wasted a few minutes of my life watching that disturbeed video. Like I was saying in my above posts – there are certain things, while not offensive to some people, will be offensive to others.

    I was hoping the video would be a funny raw food related thing but no it is about some mens sick obsession with mannequins. As a woman, I am tried of seeing things like this and it makes me sad. It doesn’t belong on here. I know that stuff is out there in the world but I don’t need to see on my favorite website where I come for support to support others. But I wont support posts like this.This is offensive to Rawaspringer as well(sorry if I spelled your name wrong). If that was directly at me, I would be mad.

    JoyceH, here, here! I successive got one of his/her offensive threads removed but I am tried of seeing their posts that are bordering on the pro- cooked meat side and talking about putting alcohol in raw food and posts and video offensive to people.

    I am not the kind of person who ever goes out to “get anyone” but it is honestly ruining the site experience for me. I almost don’t want to even log on anymore.

  • queenfluff, you are misjudging me and confused. I was on your side saying It was a bit strong of No Bones to make fun like that. All I was trying to do was to point to a possible purpose and now you turn on me for trying to be kind to all and not judge others. Well, I feel offended by your attitude and should report your words to me to a mod. I find it hard enough trying to understand this raw lifestyle without having to deal with trolls which I don’t know about and things like that. Then you make it sound like I am being offensive to women and I’m not, thats twice today I have been accused of being nasty to women and really I have never been accused of it in my life before. I am very upset by all this and confused. I also feel like leaving this site but because everyone claims to be friendly and really is not. well not all the time.

  • Just because something is on t.v. doesnt mean it is right. I came on “gone raw” because it is about raw food and about a healthy life style, not RAW or stupid, but we cant let childish actions ruin it for those who really take the time on gone raw for a good purpose.

    Kandace, maybe there should be a revision of the rules. Especially concerning sexual comments. I am talking about when it gets beyond the point of raw foods helping with sexual problems.

  • As soon as you start censoring people’s thoughts and ideas, you get into very dangerous territory.

    I enjoy raw vegan recipes, but I eat meat too, as I’m sure a lot of other users on this forum do.

    Self-righteous vegans with a bad attitude are the real problem here (not saying all of you are like that.)

    You ate meat once. Don’t ever forget it.

  • screamingherb – Sorry if I misunderstood your post but that isn’t what it read like at all. I read it a few times to make sure before I posted. How did I turn on you? I am allowed to my opinion too as well as you are. Obviously, the mods supported my report of the thread because they deleted it – so it obviously violated something.

    I NEVER said YOU were being offensive to women. Where did you get that from? I don’t see how you could read that from my post. I said the THREAD that No Bones posted was offensive to women and Kandance removed it because she must have agreed. Please read the posts a little more carefully and not take it so personally and jump to conclusions. “That post” I was talking about was No Bones post not yours. That was pretty clear. You must have not gotten a chance to read the thread before Kandace removed it or you would have understood what I was talking about.

    beany – Good words!

    Kevlar – This is true – We all once ate meat (actually not really – there are a few people on here who have been vegetarian there whole lives so not completley accurate). But ask Kandace and Ray, this is a vegan centered forum – they are vegan and that was how they created it. So if someone is posting stuff like “Just give in to your urges and go and have that hamburger. Life is short” – How is that supporting people who are trying to go raw vegan? The purpose of this site is raw vegan support and recipes – not weird sexual comments or video links leading to things that aren’t even remotely close to what this site is for. I am not saying people aren’t allowed freedom of thoughts and ideas but there are certain things that don’t need to be on here because they have no relation whatsoever to what this site is here for.

  • I suggest you gain a sense of humor, queenfluff.

    What would you do if someone told you to have a hamburger in real life, call the cops?

  • Kevlar, please take it down a notch.

    We’re not calling the cops, but this is a “raw, vegan forum.” She is entirely correct in pointing out that we are trying to help people move in the right direction. We are not here to argue or put people down.

    Thanks. I recognize that you mean well, please just keep it positive.

  • Take it down a notch??? lol

    Wow, you guys have really thin skins.

    I’ll try to tip-toe on my way out. :P

  • I’m kinda new around here, but are you guys always like this? Sheesh. You guys need to get a cat, or something…

  • Rawndee I have a dog called bogey. Bogey is a mans best friend. Bogey wouldn’t get all upset at these mean posts. But bogey know I am sad now.

  • damn computers

  • damn computers

  • queenfluff, you were not nice to me when I had just tried to smooth things over. As I have said many times I am finding things very confusing here when it seemed such a nice place when I started reading. You started talking about all sorts of trolls and was demanding that people be silenced and now you have got you way you are trying to make it sound like I am being irrational and I didn’t like that. I have had a very stressful day and reading your post it sounded like you were being mean to me because I was just trying to calm things down. Anyway you have had you way because everyone else complained as well it wasn’t just you was it? Thats why the post has been removed. I did read it by the way thats why I said it is nothing worse than you hear on TV every night. It wasn’t either. But I am happier now because I seem to have read it wrong and you gave me a great recipe in my blackberry thread. Thank you.

  • foreheadslap

    I can’t believe I just read all of that. People who troll forums want attention.

    Good job, guys! This will definitely make them leave.

  • Keep on fighting the good fight, Queefluff. This place is great and it’s a darn shame that you even have to deal with these “people”.

  • HHAHAHAHAHAHA ok that was funny.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Things being posted and commented on are getting ridiculous!!! I hope this gets fixed soon :(

  • oh my god carrie that picture looks delicious, do you have the recipe?

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Hey Slosh… yeah, it’s from Bryan Au’s book… do you want me to email it to you? Do you have a myspace? Either is fine :)

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