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2lb of blackberries.

I went for a walk this lunchtime to clear my head as everything just lately has become so confusing. I had a lovely walk along the cliffs and also had time to pick 2lb of blackberries. I used to make them into crumble or pie but now thats out. What would be a good way to serve them? My girlfriend is coming over later tonight and I’d like to surprise her with something.



  • They are blackberries. We don’t have blue ones here. What is grey goose? I don’t think we have that. Unless I’m confused again.

    A question for everyone. I was thinking of freezing them somehow to make an ice dish of some sort. If I freeze them its still raw right? Because sometimes freezing can burn plants and fruit. Hope its not a stupid question.

  • screamingherb – Don’t listen that person – they are just trying to get atttention. Grey Goose is a vodka. Ignore it.

    My bf forages for blackberries and we picked tons already this summer!. One of the things we make is wild blackberry pudding. You can make this with fresh blackberries (remove all stems) and cashews to make it thicker, some agave to sweeten and perhaps some coconut meat or water.

    You can freeze them and they will still be raw but it is better to eat freshly picked (esp if they are wild) right away. Let us know what you make!

  • I see more people are starting to mock me. I came here because people said it was a freindly site and at every turn I seem to be mocked or shouted down.

    I shall remain polite, Thank you queenfluff for pointing it out to me but I don’t object to a little spirit on occasion. OK maybe not a quart, but my Dad used to make wonderful sloe gin before he was committed. He’s not allowed now as it’s against the residential home rules but I’m sure he would approve.

    I shall try your recipe as no one else has deemed to respond. Everybody is too busy being cross with each other and arguing. I don’t know which way to turn.

  • Off topic, but what’s that thing in your picture, screamingherb?

  • I’m Dill the Dog, I’m a Dog called Dill, though my tail I’d love to get, I’ve never caught it yet. Dill the Dog song

  • No Bones, Like I said I am partial to the odd drink and my dad used to make a nice sloe gin but I think my girlfriend was expecting something else other than getting drunk when she came over. In the end she canceled so the blackberries are still in the fridge. It’s funny but just lately she has canceled on me a lot she says she is too tired from work and that because I don’t drive she feels I take advantage of her. She went to Newquay to meet with some of her surfer friends instead. Oh well.

  • screaminherb:

    Try this berry pudding. Looks delicious!

    Or, this amazing looking pie:

  • Wait, what’s wrong with Vodka?

  • Kandace, Thank you soo much, That pie looks fantastic. One thing, is that pie crust raw?? How do you make a raw pie crust I havent come across that before but it sounds interesting and tasty. Thanks again.

  • raw_willis, I guess it has been a bit cooked while in the process of manufacturing and stuff like that. I think distillation counts as cooking ie not raw but I could be wrong, I’m not sure if raw only applies to solids or if liquids count too. I asked if freezing counts as cooking because it can also burn things that are frozen but no one seems to know. I maybe should open another thread and ask everyone. I agree it is very confusing at times.

  • Raw_woolis there is nothing wrong with vodka. Maybe it’s a swear word here because they pulled my post about it.

  • You spelled my name wrong. Are you related to Stephan Hawking? You have that look.

  • So is it the general consensus that alcohol can’t be consumed because it has seen a flame? If that’s the case, forget it. I’m not so sure I’m digging this lifestyle anyways. I haven’t crapped in 9 days. That can’t be normal.

  • Correct, distilled alcohol is not part of a raw, vegan lifestyle, which is kind of the point of Gone Raw and all of these discussions. Because it’s distilled. Arguably other beverages, such as wine, may be okay.

    I find it hard to believe someone on a raw food diet could go nine days without a BM. Are you being honest with us, raw_willis? If so, I highly recommend getting yourself some fiber!

  • I laughed, No Bones. I’m a recovering alcoholic and I still found that funny. :D

  • I’ve had bowel movements, but they’re coming out like little pellets. Is that normal? It’s hard to measure, but I swear my night vision is getting better, too.

    I’m going to get a bottle of wine.

  • raw_woolis, why would lack of vodka bother you especially if you can have wine instead. . Mind you Dads sloe gin was very nice.

    It sounds like you have the opposite problem to me with what Ray calls BM’s. My poo is still very regular and a little uncomfortable. I have been told if I eat more veg and fats it will help and also something called a colonic irrigator I’m going to google it and see if I can find one. I’ll let you know if it helps.

  • I think you might be eating too many carrots. LOL..Prune juice is great for loosening up your bowels, believe me. Don’t give up raw-willis. How do you get that little line in the middle of your name to go on the bottom?

  • “How do you get that little line in the middle of your name to go on the bottom?”

    I use this thing- _

  • - – - How do you get the bottom one?

  • Not sure what you mean, beet. Can you ellaborate?

  • The little line that is like this – but it is on the bottom.

  • The bottom of what?

  • Nevermind, you are probably drunk.

  • Doe it make me a bad person that I’m enjoying all of this?

  • I\’m finding this very funny too!

  • Slosh-uh, I think raw-willis will probably not remember this site tomorrow! Lucky it’s not a school night for him.

  • Beetboy…you hold the shift key and click on the – so it’s shift hyphen to make the underscore line_

  • I wonder if this site allows you to have many user names with just one email address. Perhaps this person has a ton of time on their hands and keeps creating new email addresses to keep adding new characters to this continuing saga….

  • this thread is an eye opener. I thought i was 100% raw. I will miss vodka :(

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