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Apple cider recipe?

blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

Fall weather is finally starting to get here, and being in New England that means apples are pretty much everywhere. I can’t eat many, but am craving a good apple cider. Does anyone have a raw juice or smoothie recipe that would have a similar taste? I tried juicing with some added spices, it just wasn’t the effect I was looking for.

Also, when you do juice what do you do with the extra apple or carrot if not using it to bake(which would have been my old method of using it up).


  • i would love to know as well! i live in canada and apple cider is abundant around here. i searched the recipes on here and found nothing. maybe i will experiment today to see what i can come up with! i’ll let you know :)

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    Thanks, I am curious myself. I do have a box of organic mulling spices, they come in tea bag form. I’m wondering if I make a tea with them and then mix with fresh juiced apples it would taste more like I am hoping. That part wouldn’t be 100% raw, but it is only for flavor.

  • Actually, I think that true apple cider is just fermented apple juice but I could be wrong.

    If you want the warmy spicey version, here is an idea:

    Get your freshly juiced apple juice and loose mulling spices (simply organic makes one that is loose if you don’t want to get all thes stuff together yourself). Put the herbs in with the apple juice loose or use a tea stainer or nut milk bag and let it sit out overnight in a warm place. If you could put it in the sun that would be the best (like doing sun tea) or put on top of frig if you have no sun. The warm will help the spices “brew” into your apple juice and you will have a nice spiced cider!

    I haven’t tried this yet but I want to with fall coming up! Esp for Halloween! :)

    I am pretty sure this method would work to give you raw brewed spiced apple cider. You could further warm it in up in the dehydrator.

    At the farmers market by me, we have a vendor that less the freshly juice apple juice (they called it cider it is slightly fermented) so I usually buy mine when they have. I can’t wait to put spices in it though!

    Let me know what you try!

  • queenfluff, you are correct cider is just fermented apple juice. I can say this with surity as the place I come from is world famous for it. We call it scrumpy and it can be very strong. It’s made from pulped apples and fermented. The resulting mash is about 7% or 8% proof and very strong and cloudy. We have lots of crab apples or wild apples here which are not good for eating but they are perfect for cider making. The problem with doing it yourself is that the apples alone don’t produce enough sugar so you need to find other fruits that are high in sugar to add to the recipe. Grapes are good or raisins at a pinch.

    Mulled cider is very good and I can pass on some local recipes that just use simple herbs and spices if anyone is interested. They are best warmed so it may not be good for the true raw folks here. The other similar drink that we are famous for here in this part of the world is “perry” That is exactly the same as cider but made with pears. “Perry Cider” is a blend of the two. Be careful though because it is one of those drinks that creeps up on you.

  • ooh I just posted something about this on g12mr. If you want amazing apple cider, just juice apple peels. I know it’s not a very reliable method since you’d need a ton of apples! but it’s delicious and I always juice the peels when I’m eating apples. It’s the best apple cider on earth that’s all I know!

  • Blueyz~ I asked at the Winery for you, how they make apple cider… They gather all the ripe apples and “crush” them and then they allow about a day for fermentation… Nothing is added…

    When I asked them more about “crushing”, they said of our equipment that we raw fooders use, the meat grinder or wheatgrass auger type would be our only option… They didn’t feel like a juicer or blender would provide us with the “flavor of cider”...

    Wish I could have been of more help!!!

  • ScreamingHerb-I’m somewhat familiar with scrumpy as I have friends in the UK and Ireland, but I’ve never had it. I would love to try a few recipes if you’re still up for sharing.

  • Branwyn32, I’d love to carry on and tell you some more about cider and scrumpy but I don’t think I’m welcome here anymore. I have been out all day thinking and when I got back I got chewed off by brother because I did something silly. In truth I did it because I was feeling badly treated here after this whole troll thing started and somehow I got caught up in it. I’m not a troll and not even clever enough to be one. I still don’t know what one really is but I know they are not good people and I don’t want to be thought of as one. I have a hard time making friends in real life let alone online and all this has been quite hard for me. I think I’m just going to move on and say I’m sorry it didn’t work out here. Thanks for your speaking to me though and not judging me.

    Good bye all. Oh well.

  • I think that freshly juiced apples taste more like apple cider than the “natural” apple juice you would buy at a store. A combination of tart and sweet are the best. the peels really make it too… but i would only use the peels if they are organic, or they come from a local stand. just add spices, and it should be really tasty!

  • oh screamingherb don’t leave I don’t think anyone thinks that anymore (if ever) You are definitly a valued part of the community

  • yeah, I never suspected you screamingherb. I seriously didn’t think you were being annoying, or disruptive. Please stay!

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