Wow what happened?

I went to sign in yesterday, and somebody hacked my account and it didn’t like my password. So now I had to change my name to noebones. I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to log in and chat with all my new friends. Hi guys, I’m back now!


  • That happened to me too I think I was logged in and then it said I wasn’t? Then I logged in and it said I couldn’t so I didn’t. I was just about to reply to someone too and had something really helpful to say so I went to get some paper and a pen to write is down in case I forgot, and when I got there I couldn’t remember what it was I was looking for so I went to bed instead. It was very confusing at the time but everything was clear to me when I woke up this morning except I had forgotten the important thing I was going to say to someone! Funny thing is I was logged in all the time as it turns out I was looking at the wrong bit of the page. Oh well.

  • Thanks screamingherb. I’m sure happy to know it wasn’t just me.

  • No it wqas just you. That was the point you see! By the time I’d done all I said I realised everthing was OK in the first place and I needn’t have worried about it and nothing was actually wrong even though I thought it was. Unless that happened to you too?

  • My bad! I read it wrong. That’s ok, bff and all that!

  • This is confusing I agree.

  • noebones: Your account was not hacked into. Please read the personal email sent to you by Ray at the original email address you signed up with (not the subsequent couple you have used to create new accounts). If you have any questions at all, do write us personally.

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