No Bones IS ALSO noebones

Why did you sign up as 2 names? No Bones is also noebones. You just signed up as noebones 4 hours ago???


  • Hi Rawmama,

    This pretty much explains it:

  • It is “Admin Magic” if you get my drift.

  • It’s because when I went to log in, someone must have messed with my account, and my password wouldn’t work. So I had to sign up again.

  • Yeah. We’ve been patient and I tried to write to you personally to talk about it, Jim. We would appreciate it if you took some time off from the forums and let things mellow out. I’m sure in a while things will calm down, but right now you’ve kind of worn out your welcome.

    Feel free to reply to my email to you and we can talk about this. Thanks.

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